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You Can’t Upgrade Soldered-On Laptop RAM? Think Again



Updating the memory in a computer system is generally a simple instance of exchanging out a couple of DIMMs or SODIMMs, with one of the most complicated job being to recognize the appropriate sort of memory from the lots of offered. Yet often a laptop computer producer can be especially bothersome, as well as limit upgradability by soldering the RAM chips straight to the board. Updating memory must after that be difficult, however this believes without the abilities of [Greg Davill], who worked through the process on his Dell XPS13.

The article is a remarkable guide on exactly how DRAM recognition functions, which for detachable DIMMs is managed by an onboard FLASH chip including the information of the chips aboard. A soldered-on laptop computer has none of these, so rather it uses a collection of resistors whose mix informs the biography what memory to anticipate. Some research study disclosed their setup, whereupon the appropriate chips were sourced. Remarkably it’s not as simple as one could anticipate to purchase tiny amounts of some RAM chips, however he was at some point able to locate some using AliExpress. An apart is exactly how he inspected the chips he got for counterfeits, consisting of the helpful suggestion of employing a dental professional to take an x-ray.

The last action is the non-trivial job of reballing as well as remodeling the brand-new BGAs onto the board, prior to evaluating the laptop computer as well as locating the procedure to be a success. We’ll leave you with his last words though: “ Yet following time I believe Sickness simply purchase the 16GB alternative upfront.“.

We have actually seen fairly a great deal of [Greg]’s job right here at Hackaday, among his newest was this impressive LED D20.

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