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Weird Als Monster Battlestation Is Now Just A Reasonably Fast PC



Wan na be cyberpunks? Code biscuits? Loafers. If the classic computer neighborhood ever before selects a main anthem, matter my choose Its Everything About The Pentiums by Weird Al Yankovic. Greater than twenty years after its launch, this track and also its music video (with Drew Carey!) are still equally as satisfying as they ever before were, with the tracks painful barbs and also calculating recommendations in some way just enhancing gradually.

In the track, Odd Al handles the duty of king of the geeks with his rock star-esque representation of an anonymous individual computer tale, somebody that de-fragments their hard disk drive for delights and also upgrades their system a minimum of two times a day. The verses are an actual found diamond for anybody that is a follower of 1990s computer, however what stands apart to me is the silly equipment that Weird Als personality asserts to possess.

Unreasonable by 1990s requirements, possibly. Not a lot any longer. Despite having the recurring chip lack and also various other logistic deficiencies, every person currently has the chance to begin travelling the online world like Weird Al and also absolutely come to be the king of the spread sheets. Nonetheless, would certainly it have also been feasible to get to these soaring computer objectives at the time of the apologies launch? Allows check out both of these strings.

Cpu and also Memory

At the time of recording Its Everything About The Pentiums, the Intel Pentium III was controling the personal computer market, particularly the Katmai variation, marketed with clock rates varying from 450 MHz to 600 MHz. At the very same time, the Pentium III Xeon was likewise offered with the Tanner core. Despite having about the very same clock rates, the Xeon Pentium III variations would certainly have pipped the home-oriented Pentium III, and also its risk-free to presume that Odd Als PC-obsessed apparition would certainly have chosen the server-class CPU. Besides, 2 megabytes of L2 cache does not come low-cost! Cash is plainly no challenge when hes calling Costs Cash Gates for technology assistance.

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“The Pentium III Cpu( Coppermine,”1″GHz)

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The Pentium III Cpu( Coppermine, 1 GHz)

Intel still markets Pentium-branded cpus, and also their presence can be tentatively mapped back via to the initial Pentium cores and also P6 microarchitecture from the 90s, consisting of the Pentium III. These are spending plan x86-64 cpus branded with the Pentium tag, so they count. The brand-new type of Pentiums are undoubtedly mosting likely to overshadow its 90s forefathers as a result of clock rate and also style renovations, as is clear inthese benchmarks

A lot more significantly, these brand-new Pentium-branded cpus have the ability to understand Odd Als still substantial demand for one-hundred gigabytes of RAM. The initial Pentium cpus were based upon 32-bit computer requirements, and also for that reason just sustained an optimum of 4 gigabytes of RAM. The brand-new type of Pentium cpus sustain 64-bit directions, and also each cpu can quickly deal with as much as 128 GB of physical memory.

Physical Address Expansion (PAE) was offered on Windows 2000 Datacentre Web server, which boosted the quantity of addressable RAM for a 32-bit cpu to a huge 32 GB, however this is still an unlike the 100 GB demand– as well as that Datacentre Web server wasnt launched till 2000, and also was just offered to big organizations. PAE was presented to the Linux bit in 1999, however still wouldnt have actually had the ability to sustain 100 GB of RAM. Dang.

If Odd Al actually desired greater than 4 GB of RAM and also(* )required to utilize Pentium cpus, he might have developed his very own supercomputer. At the time, Cornells Wintel-based practicallyAC3 Velocity Cluster sustained thousands of gigabytes of RAM throughout its loads of nodes. I seem like Odd Al’s personality would definitely be the kind to construct his very own Pentium-powered computer collection, so we’ll call this probable. As discussed, assembling such a system today is reasonably straightforward, also by house requirements. There are loads of feasible setups utilizing a Pentium-class cpu, 128 GB of RAM and also a suitable motherboard. While combining such an underwhelming CPU with a( still )large quantity of RAM would certainly be ludicrous, its definitely feasible. Its also fairly inexpensive.


Odd Al discusses he set up a T1 line to his residence. With information prices at a blazing 1.554 megabits per 2nd, this was just one of the fastest means to attach to the Web in the late 90s, and also was offered over twisted-pair copper or fiber optic cabling. Odd Al wasnt the just one that comprehended the merits of a T1 line also Comic

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I really did not recognize what a T1 line was, however” I desired it after seeing this

” “data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=””””″”loading=””careless” course=” size-medium wp-image-503351″”alt=” Comics Person”from the Simpsons”with subtitle” size=” 400″ elevation=” 298″” srcset=” 481w,,186 250w,,298 400w “dimensions=”( max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px”/ >

When I initially saw this episode of

The Simpsons, I really did not recognize what a T1 line also was, however I understood I desired one Publication Person on the Simpsons understood he needed to have it, in spite of the eye-watering expenses.

While T1 links have actually been mostly displaced by contemporary, and also much more affordable, repaired broadband and also wireless, some organizations still go with the T1 criterion as a result of its well known dependability. So while its most definitely, possibly, possibly still feasible to connect a T1 line in the house, you would certainly be much much better to utilize essentially any kind of contemporary option, consisting of mobile.

The verses likewise mention a screen forty inches large, which would certainly have been ridiculously big for the time. The majority of CRT-based screens of the moment duration were offered in evaluate to 21 or thereabouts. Among the biggest CRTs ever before created was the Sony PVM-4300, which flaunted an extraordinary 43 of display realty. Nonetheless, this tremendous display dimension called for a likewise tremendous table, or undoubtedly flooring. Also the (* )cautions make certain the flooring is solid sufficient, as the 4300 evaluates in at over 440 pound( over 200 kg ).

Launched in 1990, its completely feasible that Weird Al imported among these floor-shattering CRTs from Japan for his computer battlestation, nevertheless its energy as a computer system display was possibly suspicious, offered it was aservice manual video clip

display developed around the tv requirements. It do without stating that LED and also LCD innovation has actually brought such big computer system screens well within the world of opportunity, and also numerous instances are currently offered. As an included incentive, you do not require a forklift to relocate around.(* )Lastly for this area, I assume all of us recognize what a mizouse is. Allows all accept call it a mizouse from currently on. No? Simply me?(* )The Savage Computer Burns To finish up this rambling retrospective, Sickness briefly discuss several of the jokes that Weird Al splits concerning substandard computer arrangements throughout Pentiums


Waxing your modem?

< img data-attachment-id=" 503361 "data-permalink ="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size=" 394,296" data-comments-opened=" 1" data-image-meta=" {" aperture ":" 0"," credit history":""," cam ":"", "subtitle":""," created_timestamp ":" 0"," copyright ": ""," focal_length ":" 0 "," iso ":" 0"," shutter_speed":" 0"," title ":""," positioning":" 0"}" data-image-title =" Waxing_opt" data-image-description="" data-image-caption=" This is exactly how you wax your modem, in situation anybody was asking yourself “data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ loading=” careless” course=” wp-image-503361″size-medium” alt=” A guy massaging wax over a modem” size=” 394″ elevation=”” 296″/ >

This is exactly how to wax your modem, in situation anybody was asking yourself

What, youve never ever waxed your modem prior to? As formerly discussed,”Weird Al is established with his T1 line, which leaves the”dumbest newbies frantically using”wax to their modems to attempt make it”go much faster. Im practically”specific that wax has no impact on modem rates. Practically. Make”certain to allow Hackaday recognize through the pointer line if you have actually listened to in a different way.

“Youre utilizing a 286? Do not”make me laugh. Windows”start up”in what, a day and also a fifty percent”?”

Well,(* ” )in fact

, this”shed does not actually convert. The 80286 cpu was greater than ideal for running Windows 3.1, nevertheless Windows 95 and also later on variations were not suitable with the 286 as a result of constraints of the cpu style. If it had actually worked, it might well have actually taken an unreasonably long period of time too.

Windows 95 was best coupled with Pentium-class cpus, nevertheless it worked with the 386SX CPU and also much faster. It was likewise feasible to mount Windows 98 on a 386 cpu utilizing an

, which required the installer to overlook the minimal cpu needs.

So possibly Odd Al simply misspoke, and also he ought to have described the much more suitable, however still frighteningly obsolete, 386 cpu, so the punchline landed much more strongly. Or, is it feasible that I’m simply considering all this as well very closely?(* )Back up your entire hard disk drive on a drooping diskette? This can be unpacked a fair bit. The shed was possibly describing the common 3.5 ″ 1.44 megabytes saggy diskette, so well base our presumptions there in the meantime. In the 1980s, disk drive dimensions were generally in the order of 10 megabytes to 20 MEGABYTES, with abilities gradually boosting right into the 1990s and also past. By 1999, many disk drive would certainly have kept several gigabytes, so its tough to think of a situation where anybody would certainly be supporting their whole hard disk drive to a drooping diskette at any kind of moment. Or, is it? Followers of MS-DOS were still holding on throughout the 90s and also also past, so its not unreasonable to assume that some luddite was still managing with a simplistic installment of perform with a couple of mission-critical applications on their AT or XT-class computer system. Without the bloat of Windows, this shed in fact makes a great deal of feeling– nevertheless, DOS was initially developed to be set up and also started from a floppy, with customer applications typically kept and also ranged from the 2nd saggy drive. Also Windows 3.1 can be

.undocumented switch during installation After That there is the LS-120 SuperDisk, which temporarily appeared like it would certainly be the utmost substitute for the typical floppy style. With a capability of 120 MEGABYTES, youre still not mosting likely to fit a Windows 95 installment plus applications onto a diskette, however earlier variations of Windows plus applications, records and also video games might definitely fit onto among these disks.

Theres likewise LS-240 drives and also Zip Disk innovation. Yet, allows not go there, or else this short article is mosting likely to take place for life.

Youre the largest joke on the net

Very little to state below, simply that this injures method much more in 2021 than it carried out in 1999. Leave your pleasant remarks listed below!(* ).


Why Deep Frying Turkey Can Go Very Wrong




Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which indicates Americans throughout the USA will certainly be formulating a turkey banquet. Among one of the most preferred means to prepare the bird is by deep frying it in oil.

Neighborhood television terminals almost everywhere invest today alerting regarding turkey frying. They’re not incorrect … if points leave hand you can wind up refuting your home, otherwise your whole road. Allow’s speak the scientific research behind November turkey fires, as well as ideally stay clear of a turkeyferno.

Easy Mistakes

The regular arrangement for deep frying a turkey includes decreasing the bird right into a large pot packed with oil resting on a burner. Ropes as well as wheels are usually made use of to decrease the turkey right into the pot to stay clear of obtaining one’s hands near the warm oil. Preferably, this need to be performed in a yard, far from frameworks, to supply great air flow as well as a lot of space in case something does fail.

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Overfilling”the deep fryer is an excellent means to begin a large fire on Thanksgiving.

“.””” data-medium-file= “″ data-large-file”=”″ loading=” careless” course=” size-medium wp-image-508549″ alt=”” size=” 400″ elevation=” 314″ srcset=” 867w,,196 250w,,314 400w,,625 796w” dimensions=”( max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px”/ >

Overfilling the deep fryer is an excellent means to begin a large fire on Thanksgiving. Credit score:Ogden Fire Department

Everything noises relatively simple, yet there are 2 manner ins which this usually fails, bring about jumping fires as well as phones call to the fire division. The first off is easy: overfilling. Reducing a turkey right into oil will always displace that oil. A pot stuffed will certainly hence overflow the 2nd the turkey goes into the pot, with warm oil streaming down the sides of the food preparation vessel straight in the direction of the burner listed below. It’s a novice’s blunder, yet one that occurs all frequently. To prevent this, it is essential to represent the quantity of the turkey prior to dropping it in the pot, to stay clear of beginning a blaze.

The 2nd significant reason for turkey fires is from trying to deep fry an icy turkey. The ice on the icy turkey rapidly looks to vapor when it enters into call with the warm oil. The vapor quickly broadens, producing bubbles as well as rapidly tossing warm frothing oil everywhere. This can conveniently trigger extreme burns on its own, yet the existence of a burner just raises the risk. The warm aerosolized oil normally ignites, either from the heater itself or merely the warm surface areas around, as well as rapidly produces a massive fireball.

< img data-attachment-id=" 508553 "data-permalink ="" data-orig-file ="" data-orig-size=" 900,720" data-comments-opened="" 1" data-image-meta=" {" aperture":" 0"," credit scores":""," electronic camera":""," subtitle":""," created_timestamp ":" 0"," copyright":""," focal_length":" 0"," iso":" 0"," shutter_speed":" 0"," title"":""," positioning":" 0"} "data-image-title=""" _ 0-40 screenshot(" 1)" data-image-description"="""""data-image-caption="""

The”oil can plainly be seen gurgling”up many thanks to the vapor produced by the icy turkey”.”Credit Scores: Ogden Fire”Division

“” data-medium-file=””″”data-large-file=”″ loading=” careless” course=” size-medium wp-image-508553″ alt=”” “” size=”” 400″ elevation =” 320″ srcset =” 900w,,200 250w,,320 400w,,625 781w” dimensions=”( max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px”/ >

Oil can be seen flying out of the pot many thanks to the vapor produced by the icy turkey. Credit score:Ogden Fire Department

It resembles the means liquified aluminium responds badly with water as well as brings about hazardous shop surges, albeit without the chain reactions that occur in the aluminium instance. It’s a straightforward truth that allowing excess ice or water enter into call with warm fluids over 212F usually brings about catastrophe.

Luckily, these problems are likewise simple to stay clear of with the correct forward preparation. The initial step is to appropriately thaw the turkey, which typically takes a minimum of 24-hour in the fridge per 5 extra pounds of meat. Examine the within as well as beyond the turkey for ice crystals to guarantee it’s thawed right via.

Water can after that be made use of as a straightforward means to look for the correct oil degree. Place the turkey in the frying pot, after that fill up the vessel with water approximately a risk-free degree. Get rid of the turkey, as well as keep in mind the degree of the water continuing to be in the pot. This is just how much oil you have to place in the pot.(* )Maintaining the oil at or listed below 350F makes fire much less most likely as well as additionally prevents ruining the turkey with awful burned oil tastes. Furthermore, an excellent idea that couple of individuals think about is to shut off the burner prior to decreasing the turkey right into the oil. In this way, if there is a splilling or various other mishap, there’s a better opportunity that the oil will not fire up. When the turkey is securely snuggled in the fryer, it’s a straightforward issue to light it back up once more.

It additionally pays to have a fire extinguisher available appropriate for cooking oil as well as fats. Damp chemical extinguishers are one of the most reliable versus these fires. A fire covering can additionally be a beneficial in such scenarios. And also, if you have actually picked your place well, as well as you’re not deep frying in a garage, under a patio area or on a wood deck, it’s much less most likely any type of occurrence will certainly leave control.

Staying clear of warm burning oil splashing throughout your visitors as well as yard is usually pointed out as essential to taking pleasure in any type of holiday, not simply Thanksgiving. Therefore, equipped with this expertise as well as the ideas we went over today, you need to prepare to deep fry your turkey for Thanksgiving with an outright minimum of accidents as well as home damages. Consume well as well as have a good time around!

P.S. Obtain it thawing currently! Do not wait!

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Firefox Brings The Fire: Shifting From GLX To EGL




You might (or might not) have actually listened to that Firefox ismoving from GLX to EGL for the Linux graphics stack It’s a sign of which means the trends are relocating the software application globe. Allow’s consider what it implies, why it matters, as well as why it’s great.

A graphics pile is an intricate system with numerous layers. Yet on Linux, there requires to be a user interface in between something like OpenGL as well as a windowing system likeX11 X11 gives an essential structure for attracting as well as relocating home windows around a screen, catching individual input, as well as identifying emphasis, yet little else. An X11 web server is simply a program that takes care of all the home windows (customers). Each home window in X11 is taken into consideration a customer. A customer links to the web server over a Unix procedure outlet or the web.

OpenGL concentrates on what to attract within the boundaries of the display area offered by the home window system. GLX (which means OpenGL Expansion to the X home window system) was initially created by Silicon Video. It has actually transformed throughout the years, acquiring equipment velocity assistance as well as DRI (Straight Making User Interface). DRI is a means for OpenGL to chat straight to the visual equipment if the web server as well as the customer get on the very same computer system. At its core, GLX gives OpenGL features to X11, contributes to the X procedure by enabling 3d providing commands to be sent out, as well as an expansion that reviews providing commands as well as passes them to OpenGL.

EGL (Embedded-System Video Collection) is a follower of GLX, yet it began with a various setting in mind. Originally, the emphasis was ingrained systems, as well as gadgets such as Android, Raspberry Pi, as well as Blackberry greatly lean on EGL for their visual requirements. Ultimately, nevertheless, Wayland made a decision to utilize EGL as GLX generated X11 reliances, as well as EGL provides more detailed accessibility to equipment.

When Martin Strnsk originally included Wayland assistance to Firefox, he made use of EGL rather than GLX. In addition, the Wayland application had zero-copy GPU barrier sharing by means of DMABUF (a Linux bit subsystem for sharing barriers). However, Firefox could not activate this enhanced WebGL’s efficiency for X11 (it existed yet was never ever secure adequate). Nonetheless, functions maintained coming making Wayland (as well as as a result EGL) an extra excellent resident. Currently EGL will certainly be made it possible for by default in Firefox 94+ with Mesa 21+ vehicle drivers (Mesa is an application of OpenGL, Vulkan, as well as various other specs that equate commands right into guidelines the GPU can recognize).

Why This Relocate Issues

As pointed out previously, EGL has 2 essential functions: zero-copy common barriers as well as partial damages assistance. Zero-copy ways WebGL can be sandboxed as well as quickly. Partial damages implies the entire home window does not require to be redrawn so a little component is transformed, conserving power. This change additionally speaks with the recurring trends in the software application globe. Gradually yet certainly, the globe is relocating in the direction of the EGL/Wayland design of compositing. This adjustment mostly implies less abstractions as well as layers as well as closer accessibility to the equipment. EGL advantages just from being more recent as well as (ideally) much less buggy with weird side situations. In addition, running Wayland natively by default in Firefox instead of via XWayland is a considerable change.

Anecdotally, individuals that have actually attempted it state the efficiency gains have actually been outstanding, specifically when seeing video clips. The common barrier assists as, for numerous GPUs, video clip is translated (transforming the pressed stream like h. 264 right into a raw bitmap) and after that composited. Having a common barrier as well as closer accessibility to equipment permits the GPU to move that translated framework straight right into the compositor barrier, instead of making a journey to CPU RAM as well as back out to the GPU for NUMA makers.

To most of us, Firefox as well as various other unbelievably complicated programs are strange boxes of magic. A peek inside to see the committed individuals that make them as well as just how they choose as well as evaluate tradeoffs is interesting.

Interested regarding even more Linux internals? Why not study a trip to primary()?

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2021 Hackaday Prize

FlowIO Takes Top Honors In The 2021 Hackaday Prize




FlowIO System, a modular pneumatics controller for soft robotics as well as wise product tasks, took house Grand Reward honors at the2021 Hackaday Prize Other than the reputation of prevailing of numerous tasks as well as boasting legal rights for winning the largest equipment layout obstacle in the world, the reward lugs an honor of $25,000 as well as a Supplyframe DesignLab residency to proceed job advancement. 4 various other leading champions were additionally revealed at the Hackaday Remoticon digital seminar on Saturday night.

In a year packed with obstacles, this year’s Hackaday Reward put down yet an additional onslaught: to “Reassess, Refresh, as well as Restore.” We asked every person to take an excellent tough check out the systems as well as procedures that make the globe job– or sometimes, not function– as well as reimagine them from a fresh point of view. Exist far better methods to do points? What would certainly you think of if you began with an empty notepad? Exactly how can you sustain as well as involve the future generation of designers, as well as motivate them to occupy the lantern? As well as what would certainly you think of if you simply allow your creativity cut loose?

As well as young boy, did you provide! With virtually 500 access, this year’s courts had fairly a job before them. Each of the 5 obstacles– Refresh Displays, Rethink Work-From-Home Life, Reimagine Helpful Technology, Redefine Robots, as well as Reactivate Wildcard– had 10 finalists, which developed the swimming pool of access for the general reward. As well as right here’s what they generated.


Grand Reward Victor: FlowIO System

We have a tendency to think about robotics in regards to stiff frameworks with electrical actuators. FlowIO Platform intends to alter that reasoning, as well as start a style transformation in wearables, collective robotics, as well as practically any kind of job where a softer, gentler robotic would certainly serve. The trick to these applications is pneumatics, as well as FlowIO makes it simple to attach the pumps, shutoffs, actuators, as well as sensing units required to bring pneumatics tasks to life. The FlowIO major component has 5 pneumatically-driven networks, as well as links approximately various other components that sustain pumps, sensing units, as well as basic IO– it resembles a Lego collection for pneumatics!

FlowIO intends to make pneumatics as simple to include in a task as it is to rotate up an Arduino as well as a number of steppers. The principal on the job, Ali Shtarbanov, came on our Hack Chat a couple of weeks ago to discuss the applications of pneumatics in soft robotics generally, as well as the specific niche because community that FlowIO fills up especially. We can claim with confidence that there’s a great deal of bottled-up passion in pneumatics, which appears to be because of the absence of an easily accessible, cost effective incorporated pneumatics system. FlowIO modifications all that, as well as with a well-earned Grand Reward under its belt, we’re eagerly anticipating a wave of tasks that reveal simply what pneumatics can do.

  • second Location: Stack-chan

    Being available in at 2nd location with a $15,000 reward is Stack-chan, a cute, open-source buddy robotic. The palm-sized crawler is the ideal desktop computer buddy, however because it’s entirely open as well as hackable, what you make with Stack-chan is absolutely approximately you. Based upon the ESP32 powered M5Stack modular IoT advancement system, maker Shinya Ishikawa sees Stack-chan as a jumping-off place for every little thing from a robotic butler to sales as well as advertising devices, along with buddy robotics as well as robotic animals.

  • third Location: Flexible Circuit Wind Generator

    It’s tough not to check out a large wind ranch as well as its imposing wind generators without really feeling both awe at the design entailed along with a feeling of, “There needs to be a far better method.” Stuart MacKenzie’s flexible wind generator intends to check out the opportunities of “aeroelectrostatic” power. He utilizes folded up polyester movies with conductive stickers to make wind-activated variable capacitors that can power tiny lots when the wind waves them about.

  • fourth Location: Raspberry Pi Spectrometer

    Easy to develop, economical, as well as available to hacking: those are simply a couple of points to like regarding Les Wright’sPySpectrometer We included the Raspberry Pi-based tool when it initially appeared as well as praised its simpleness– at its heart, it’s a Pi Web cam taking a look at a diffraction grating– along with its flexibility. We additionally such as just how it places the power of spectroscopy right into the hands of pupils as well as enthusiasts alike, all on a budget plan.

  • fifth Location: Direct Granules Extruder

    Anybody that has actually needed to spend for 3D printing filament has actually possibly considered methods to place the huge quantity of plastic waste we create back right into usage, however Norbert Heinz, also known as “Homofaciens” on YouTube, in fact did it withhis direct granules extruder The concept appears easy sufficient: grind up plastic waste, thaw it pull back, as well as extrude it straight in a changed 3D printer. Yet in technique, there are a lots of obstacles to conquer. Norbert is functioning past those concerns, as well as has actually taken care of some rather impressive prints considering his extrusion auger is a changed timber screw. It also publishes sugar!

Okay, Currently It’s Your Turn

Just Like every Hackaday Reward, the job has actually only simply started– we do not rest on our laurels around right here! Component of the factor for the Hackaday Reward is to be an ideas; to establish a high bar as well as anticipate our champions– et cetera of the area– to leap over it. We desire every person to take what the 2021 Hackaday Reward champions– as well as all the various other participants– have actually done as well as kept up it. Consider each of these tasks as well as discover something in it that reverberates with you. Take that as well as utilize it to boost your tasks, or find out a brand-new ability, or check out a remarkable element of our globe that you never ever understood about. It’s your globe, so hack it!

Congratulations to every one of the 2021 Hackaday Reward champions, as well as a genuine many thanks to every person associated with running the Reward as well as evaluating the access, along with toeveryone who took the time to enter We could not do it without you!

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