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Virtual Eurorack Based CPU Computes To The Beat Of A Different Drum Module



In Arthur C. Clarke’s 1972 tale “Dial F for Monster”, the globes initially worldwide network of phone exchanges was developed by satellite web link, as well as occasions occurred that triggered the personalities in the tale to ask yourself if the interconnected mesh of equipment had actually in some way ended up being sentient. Which’s what we asked yourself when we saw this latest virtual CPU construction constructed by GitHub customer [katef] as well as made from a digital analog synthesizer software program called VCV Shelf.

Comparable to a Redstone computer system in Minecraft, there’s no physical equipment entailed. However rather than making insane synth seems for a songs job, [katef] has actually constructed a working CPU total with a Math Reasoning System, an adder, as well as various other numerous points you’ll discover in an actual CPU such as signs up as well as a clock.

While no reference is constructed from whether the construct is sentient, [katef] totally recorded the improve their GitHub web page, therefore go examine that out for computer animated photos, web links to even more details, as well as a lot more. It’s fairly remarkable, otherwise simply a little bonkers. However many great hacks are, appropriate?

We enjoy special CPU develops, as well as you may take pleasure in this made from- that’s right- 555 timers. Many thanks to [Myself] on the Hackaday Discord server for the idea, as well as make certain to send out in your preferred horrendous tasks to the Hackaday idea line!

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