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Android (Operating System)

Upgrading? Heres What You Can Do With an Old Mobile Device.



Upgrading your smartphone or tablet will leave you with a decision: What to do with your old device?

Trading in, donating or recycling retired gear are all popular options, as is passing on a serviceable phone to a family member sharing your wireless-carrier account. But you have countless other ways to get more productive use from outdated hardware, without putting a lot of money into it.

Here are just a few ideas to get more use out of your demoted device.

Need an extra television in the kitchen or home office? If you subscribe to a TV provider or streaming service, your old phone or tablet can step up. Just download your TV providers app (like Spectrum cable or Verizon Fios) or your separate service (Amazon Prime Video, Disney+,, Netflix or whatever) and log into your account. Prop up the device near an outlet so it can run on electrical power while you watch, since chances are good that the old device has a worn-out battery.

Likewise, parking your old phone in a speaker cradle that also charges gives you a bookshelf sound system for music and podcasts. Or you can keep the phone connected to its charger and stream music to a nearby wireless Bluetooth speaker. Powered speaker docks can be found online starting at around $40, and a wide variety are available. Wirecutter, the product-testing and review site owned by The New York Times, has suggestions for Bluetooth speakers, general audio gear and those shopping on a budget.


And even if they have to stay tethered to a charger, old tablets also make good dedicated e-book readers or digital picture frames for photo slide shows.

Smart home appliances, music libraries, internet-connected televisions so many things can be controlled by apps these days, so why not convert your old phone or tablet into an all-purpose universal remote? Third-party remote apps abound, but many tech companies (Amazon, Apple, Google, LG Electronics, Roku and Samsung, to name a few) have their own programs. Just take a stroll through your app store for software that matches up with your hardware.

Credit…Google; Roku

And even if you havent lost the tiny stick remote that came with your set-top streamer yet, the onscreen keyboard included with most apps makes it easier to type in passwords. (Apple, which used to have a stand-alone Remote app, folded the Apple TV remote software into the operating system in iOS 12, but still has an iTunes Remote app for iPhone/iPad users to control their iTunes music collections stored on Macs and PCs.)

Depending on the processor and battery state, dedicating your old device to the pursuit of gaming is another way to give it extra life. Wiping off all the old data to start afresh gives you more room to download and store new games.


Playing old games on old phones may have nostalgic appeal, and you can find many classics converted for mobile play in the app stores. And youre not limited to stand-alone games. Subscription services like Apple Arcade and Googles Stadia can run on many mobile devices, and you can beam your games (and other video) to the big screen if youre using the Google Chromecast game mode or the AirPlay technology that Apple devices use to share the screen on Apple TV.

If tapping a touch screen has never been your idea of serious gaming, consider snapping your old phone into a special controller that brings physical buttons, the standard D-Pad and thumbsticks to the gaming experience. The Razer Kishi ($80 to $100) or Backbone One ($100) are among the options.

If youve decided that your child can handle a hand-me-down phone or tablet for games and educational apps, take a moment to do a little bit of setup to protect both of you. Visit the settings area and erase your personal information first.

Credit…Left, Google; right, Apple

Next, create an account for the child and configure the parental controls for screen time, app purchases and internet access; operating systems for Amazon, Android, Apple and Samsung all include similar parental control settings.

Credit…Google; NASA

If the phone still has a functional camera (and can still hold a charge for an hour or so), you can also use it to teach the fundamentals of photography. Loading up the childs app store account with a prepaid app-store gift card can impart money-management skills. And if the devices old battery conks out after an hour, you can teach time management.

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Android (Operating System)

How to Block Your Phone from Interrupting You




Often, you simply require to obtain things done that spending plan spread sheet, your unique and even a snooze yet your smart device demands sidetracking you with notices, messages or the pull of social media sites. Certain, the Do Not Disrupt setup can briefly suppress disturbances when you require peaceful time or a psychological break, yet recent versions of Android as well as Apples new iOS 15 consist of an even more versatile Emphasis setting with various other devices for focus. Heres a fast overview.

In Android 12, search for the Digital Wellbeing symbol in your application cabinet. If you do not see it, open up the Setups symbol as well as pick Digital Well-being & & Adult Controls; you can download the app, also. For the hands-free technique, simply claim OK, Google, open the Digital Well-being setups.

Credit Rating … Google; Apple

On an Apple gadget running iphone 15, open up the Setups symbol as well as scroll to Focus; stating Hey, Siri, open my Setups functions, also. On the Emphasis display, youll see that the old Do Not Disturb setup has actually relocated, as well as you have a switch to share your setups throughout various other Apple tools, including Macs.

On Androids Digital Well-being display, faucet Emphasis Setting. Pick the Establish an Arrange choice to shut out the timeout you require from your phone. In the Your disruptive applications checklist, pick the programs youd like to disable when Emphasis Setting gets on. (The Manage Notifications manages in the Digital Well-being setups allow you determine what kinds of notifies you enter the top place.)

To briefly silence most calls, return to the primary Digital Well-being display as well as pickDo Not Disturb Touch individuals choice as well as pick the calls enabled to trouble you when you have Do Not Disrupt made it possible for; you can do the very same for applications as well as shut off alarm systems. (Some Android phones have a Flip to Shhh setting, which places your phone right into Do Not Disrupt when you put it screen-side down.)

The iphone 15 Emphasis setups supply a number of situations (Job, Personal, and so forth) to set up as well as personalize based upon the circumstance. Touch a classification as well as pick the applications as well as individuals that can disturb you; calls can see your Emphasis standing presented in the Messages application. You can establish a timed timetable for each and every emphasis classification, or have it immediately triggered by place for instance, your Residence Emphasis setups stop your Slack notices as well as job e-mail when you come to your house. (If youre functioning from residence, utilize the timetable timer rather.)

Touch the plus symbol on the primary Emphasis display to establish much more scenarios, like when you wish to have continuous analysis time; you can also have Checking out Emphasis begin when you open your electronic book application. If you do not wish to automate points, you can constantly swipe to the Nerve center display as well as faucet Emphasis to mask or decloak on your own from the globe.

Display timers simply aren’t for youngsters! If you locate on your own drawn by video games as well as video clips when youre intended to be functioning, have your phone conserve you from on your own.

In Androids Digital Well-being setups, faucet Control panel as well as established the timers for particular applications. (Programs you have actually currently placed on the disruptive applications checklist will certainly be grayed out as well as pointless till you shut off Emphasis setting.)

In the iphone 15 Emphasis setups, each of your Emphasis situations consists of controls for your residence as well as lock displays. Touch the Residence Display choice to conceal alert badges on applications. When you make it possible for the Personalized Pages setup, you can conceal the residence displays where you maintain your most disruptive (as well as enjoyable) applications.

In the Lock display setups, established the display to lower as well as have your soft notices silently show up there or otherwise. The iphone Setups have a different Screen Time area where you can establish time frame for applications.

If youd like to systematize your rest timetable or damage the behavior of keeping up far too late screen-scrolling in bed heres aid. With Android, open up the Clock app as well as touch the Going to bed symbol on the bottom-right edge. You can establish your resting hrs as well as choose a relaxing soundscape to remove your mind.

In the Digital Well-being setups, faucet Bedtime Mode to include more sleep-friendly supports, like allowing your Do Not Disrupt guard, transforming the display black-and-white or simply maintaining it off.

The iphone 15 Emphasis setups likewise consist of a Sleep option, which you can establish much like your Job as well as various other Emphasis situations.

This going to bed emphasis web links to the Sleep feature in Apples Health app, where you can schedule your hrs for resting, establish your alarm systems as well as pick your Wind Down shortcuts which can consist of a collection quantity of time for paying attention to songs, practicing meditation or an additional relaxing task as you drop off to continuous (by your phone, anyhow) rest.

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Android (Operating System)

Google Pixel 6 Review: Playing Catch-Up With the iPhone




For half a years, Google, the manufacturer of Android, the globes most commonly made use of phone software application, has actually had a desire to make a very successful phone that matches the gold criterion, the apple iphone.

Googles Pixel phones have actually constantly obtained favorable evaluations yet offer tepidly due to a significant weak point: They have actually depended on off-the-shelf components from various other business. Because of this, they have actually really felt slow-moving compared to gadgets made by Apple, which firmly manages the high quality of its apples iphone by doing style in-house.

With the brand-new Pixel 6 as well as Pixel 6 Pro, which set you back $600 as well as $900 as well as will certainly be readily available on Thursday, Google thinks it currently has phones that level the having fun area.

These are the business initially phones to consist of Tensor, its very own computer cpu, comparable to exactly how Apple developed the silicon that powers its apples iphone. The Tensor chip makes it possible for the Pixel phones to quickly execute intricate computer jobs, like voice transcriptions, Google claimed.

After a week of screening, I wrapped up that Google has actually made major progression with the Pixels yet it is still fantasizing. Its developments were inadequate to make me change from an apple iphone.

The brand-new Pixels really feel active, yet their computer power hangs back the apples iphone rates by as high as half. And also while several pictures created with its electronic camera looked clear as well as well lit, some looked excessively sharp. The Pixel sixes capability to right away convert languages right into ones indigenous tongue likewise really felt incomplete it didnt job well with some languages, like Japanese.

Heres what you require to understand.

The Tensor cpu is the outcome of Googles long as well as pricey trip in mobile phone modern technology, that included a $1 billion procurement of the mobile phone manufacturer HTC in 2018. To speed up points up, Google installed its most intricate formulas right into the chips, consisting of innovative digital photography impacts as well as language translation, removing the requirement to link to its on-line web servers to finish those jobs.

The rate boosts were visible. The Pixel sixes activity looked buttery smooth, compared to that of its precursors, when scrolling via applications as well as web sites. Yet when I evaluated several of the phones unique attributes, like the capability to enjoy a foreign-language video clip as well as screen captions equated right into English in actual time, the outcomes were blended.

When I opened up TikTok as well as looked for video clips of individuals providing language lessons in French, Italian as well as Japanese, the modern technology done well with French as well as Italian. The software application properly equated laid-back means to claim I am not in French (noticable shwee pah instead of the extra official expression je ne suis ).

Yet it fought with Japanese. One TikToker showed a fundamental discussion that, when effectively equated, suggested the complying with in English:

Today is tiring.

Yes, the work is a whole lot.

Yes, thats real. Well, see you.

Yes. See you tomorrow. Many thanks for the great.

The Pixel sixes translation appeared such as this:

Im weary today.

Well, I had a great deal of job.

Thats right. See you quickly.

Thanks for your effort tomorrow.

That translation possibly would have gained a C in a Japanese language course.

These outcomes werent unexpected. The Pixel software application claimed that for equated subtitles, Japanese remained in beta, indicating its an operate in progression. In an additional indication that this function was insufficient, I wasnt able to evaluate equated video clip subtitles for Mandarin chinese speech, which Im rather proficient in, since the Pixel has yet to sustain Chinese.

Pixel phones have actually constantly counted greatly on a mix of software application, expert system as well as artificial intelligence to create clear as well as vivid pictures. The Tensor chip, Google claimed, would certainly aid the electronic camera software application take pictures quicker.

To evaluate the brand-new electronic cameras, I took the Pixel 6 gadgets as well as 2 of the most recent apples iphone to a park on a cloudy day to fire numerous pictures of my corgi, Max (that currently holds the document as one of the most highlighted canine in The New york city Times).

The Pixel 6 as well as 6 Pros electronic cameras were quickly, equally as promoted, as well as several pictures looked excellent, with reasonable shades as well as good darkness information.

Yet the Pixel 6 pictures typically resembled the phones were attempting also tough with advanced impacts. In some pictures fired in picture setting, which hones a topic in the foreground as well as carefully obscures the history, my incredibly charming canine looked excessively developed to the factor that he looked a lot older. The apple iphone 13 Pro created a much more visually pleasing picture of Max, that is 8 years young.

Frequently, the shades of the Pixel 6 pictures likewise looked also chilly, making Maxs white hair show up blue. The shade temperature level might be readjusted in the electronic camera software application, yet the apple iphone electronic cameras normally created pictures with even more all-natural shades with no added initiative.

All informed, the Pixel electronic camera was great. Zoomed-in shots looked clear on the 6 Pro, the extra pricey version, which has an optical zoom lens.

Google was the very first phone manufacturer to present the capability to take pictures in reduced light without making use of a flash, as well as the brand-new Pixels still master this location. When contrasting them with low-light shots taken with the brand-new apples iphone, Id call it a connection.

In the long run, the Pixel 6 as well as the Pixel 6 Pro are strong items. Considering their beginning rates, which have to do with $200 less than contending premium phones from Samsung as well as Apple, I can suggest them to Android followers.

Yet what will Google finish with Tensor to make the Pixel attract attention? Not just belong to the software application incomplete, yet the components that the phone stands out at aren’t all that unique.

The capability to record international languages, for one, works, yet its likewise something that older phones can do. When I went to nations like Thailand as well as Japan in years past, cab driver interacted with me by utilizing Googles Translate software application they talked right into their phones as well as played the English translation out of the audio speaker. It dealt with some hold-up, yet it sufficed.

You could take pleasure in various other advantages of Googles change to its very own silicon. Battery life in the brand-new Pixels is a lot longer than in previous imitate each lengthy day of screening, lots of juice was still left by going to bed. Yet once again, this is not a differentiator from various other modern-day phones that have similarly lengthy battery life.

Googles rivals likewise have good exclusives. Most especially, theres heaven bubble impact, or iMessage, on apples iphone. Throughout the years, Google has actually undergone a number of models of messaging applications, as well as none have actually been as smooth as well as pleasurable to make use of as iMessage.

That unique something something sticky, wonderful as well as everywhere valuable is what Google requires to supply to obtain crowds of individuals to change to a Pixel. Its tough to inform what that could be.

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Android (Operating System)

Google to Lower Its App Store Fees for Developers to 15%




Google stated it intended to decrease the suffice handles subscription-based applications in its Play Shop for tools running its Android software program, in the most recent giving in to governing stress testing whether the firm has actually overcharged programmers.

In a blog post on Thursday, Google stated it would certainly minimize its compensations on registrations for applications that customers pay with its Play Shop to 15 percent. Presently, Google takes a 30 percent cut for the initial year of registrations and afterwards reduces the price to 15 percent from the 2nd year. Google will certainly remove the two-step procedure beginning in January as well as use the reduced cost from the start.

Google likewise stated some books as well as streaming songs solutions would certainly be qualified for charges as reduced as 10 percent. It was not right away clear which solutions or publications would certainly certify as well as just how the specific portion was established.

In March, Google reduced its take on the initial $1 million a business gained with the Play Shop to 15 percent from 30 percent, in an action focused on relieving the monetary problem for smaller sized programmers. It began the heels of a comparable compensation cut from Apple.

The most up to date Play Shop modifications mirror the undermining of charges that Google as well as Apple have actually billed programmers to press their software program with their application shops. When Apple presented the Application Shop in 2008, the firm established its compensation at 30 percent as well as Google quickly adhered to with a comparable cost framework.

Yet as business developed services based upon applications operating on smart devices as well as tablet computer computer systems, an expanding variety of programmers started to doubt whether a 30 percent take was too much as well as a result of the absence of competitors in the marketplace for application shops.

Previously this year, a team of 36 states as well as the Area of Columbia took legal action against Google, asserting that its application shop abused its market power. Google is likewise dealing with a legal action submitted by Impressive Gamings, the designer of the prominent computer game Fortnite, after the search huge eliminated the video game manufacturers application for preventing its settlement system as well as preventing charges. Recently, Google submitted a countersuit versus Impressive.

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