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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 for Nintendo Switch Price, rumors, and everything we know so far about the sequel



Falling Link Botw2 Closeup Resource: Nintendo (screenshot)

We at iMore are definitely stired for the upcoming follow up to The Tale of Zelda: Breath of bush – among the most effective Nintendo Change video games of perpetuity. Regrettably, Nintendo has actually just launched a number of brief video clips for the video game yet or else have actually been rather tight-lipped regarding the story as well as brand-new auto mechanics. Nonetheless, we have actually had the ability to establish a fair bit of details by searching screenshots, video clips, as well as the net. Below’s every little thing we have actually found regarding Breath of bush 2.

Connected with each other

Zelda BotwZelda Botw

The Tale of Zelda Breath of bush follow up

Proceed the tale

This follow up has Web link circumnavigating, discovering brand-new areas, as well as utilizing brand-new abilities in his effort to conserve the globe.

The Tale of Zelda: Breath of bush 2

What we gained from Nintendo E3 2021

E3 2021 has actually reoccured bringing with it review at Breath of bush 2. While the story had not been clarified any kind of better, we did obtain some glances at Web link’s brand-new capabilities, the bad guy, as well as brand-new floating island areas.

And also, something unusual takes place to Connect’s arm providing him brand-new capabilities that we really did not see in the initial video game. The Zelda group is going for a 2022 launch day, yet it goes through transform.

Nintendo’s 2019 Breath of bush 2 statement trailer

Throughout the E3 2019 statement trailer, we see Web link as well as Zelda discovering some damages in Hyrule. They quickly discover a below ground burrow where an old skeletal (or perhaps even undead) number embellished with Gerudo icons stretches in reverse with a supernatural hand grasping its upper body. As Soon As Web link as well as Zelda obtain close sufficient, the bad number appears to stir up; Zelda rotates in fear, Web link’s hand begins beautiful eco-friendly, as well as we removed to a sight of Hyrule Castle trembling as well as increasing from the ground distant.

Breath of bush 2 launch day

Nintendo announcement

Nintendo announcement Resource: Nintendo screenshot

Throughout the E3 2021 discussion, Nintendo stated it’s going for a 2022 launch day. Nonetheless, the state of the video game is openly unidentified therefore we’re waiting on more verification on when it will really launch.

Is this a straight follow up?

Green swirl

Green swirl Resource: Nintendo screenshot

Yes, this will certainly be a straight follow up to the initial video game. The tale evidently occurs 2 years after the occasions in Breath of bush.

Still no main title?

As weird as it may appear, Nintendo still hasn’t exposed the main title for the follow up asserting that it may hand out way too much regarding the following experience. In a meeting with IGN, Nintendo of America elderly item advertising and marketing supervisor Costs Trinen stated, “Those captions they begin to offer littles of tips regarding perhaps what’s mosting likely to occur.” Appears like a lightweight justification to us. We’ll at some point find out the title at some time and after that the feline will certainly run out the bag anyhow.

Web link’s beautiful hand capabilities

Zelda Hand Powers Ball

Zelda Hand Powers Ball Resource: Nintendo (screenshot)

At the beginning of the Nintendo’s E3 2021 Zelda trailer, it revealed an environment-friendly pressure surpassing Web link’s ideal arm. After that in later shots, we see him relocating remote items with stated hand as well as also experiencing wall surfaces. That recognizes what various other one-of-a-kind capabilities this arm can do.

Botw Concept Art

Botw Concept Art Resource: Nintendo (screenshot)

This lines up with a suggestion for the initial video game that had not been really carried out. In some idea art work that Nintendo revealed at GDC 2017, we see Relate to a hand that can change right into numerous tools. This consists of points like a bomb, arrowhead, hook shot, as well as a lot more. It looks like we’re seeing an improved variation in the BotW2 intro trailer.

Exist brand-new devices as well as Sheikah Slate abilities?

Zelda Botw2 Flamethrower Shield

Zelda Botw2 Flamethrower Shield Resource: Nintendo (screenshot)

In the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct, we obtained a quick glance of Web link holding some sort of Dragon head-shaped thing in his left hand as well as utilizing it like a weapon versus an opponent. With this holding true, there are most likely various other gizmos in the video game also.

We do not presently understand if adjustments will certainly be made to the Sheikah Slate. Nonetheless, it’s feasible Web link’s beautiful hand will certainly take its area. Still, thinking about just how main it was to the initial video game, it would not be unusual to have even more abilities included. Perhaps some hook shot ability, duplicating device, or pet hypnotizer? We’ll maintain our perceptive as well as will certainly upgrade you when we find out more.

Is the video game open globe once again, or is it straight?

Breath Of The Wild 2 Scared Zelda

Breath Of The Wild 2 Scared Zelda Resource: Nintendo (screenshot)

Breath of bush was everything about the large open globe as well as expedition, as well as you might discover Hyrule easily with no actual straight order. While this video game will certainly be a straight follow up to Breath of bush, Nintendo did not expose any kind of information regarding whether it will certainly proceed that open-world expedition or have an extra conventional formula discovered in previous Zelda video games, with holy places as well as dungeons that call for particular things to advance. Our hunch is that it will certainly be a mix in between both, open-world expedition with even more extensive areas to study. We’ll upgrade when we find out more.

Does it make use of the exact same map?

Zelda Botw2 Dueling Peaks

Zelda Botw2 Dueling Peaks Resource: Nintendo (screenshot)

In the E3 2021 trailer, we obtained an up-close check out a Rock Talus on which Bokoblins had actually constructed a ft. The video camera panned a little bit throughout this shot, as well as we saw Fatality Hill together with Dueling Peaks. Thus, a minimum of component of the video game most likely occurs on the Hylian map we’re utilized to. Whether this is just cutscenes or really a location we reach discover is unidentified.
Zelda Botw2 Link Gliding

Zelda Botw2 Link Gliding Resource: Nintendo (screenshot)

We likewise reached see Web link discovering drifting islands as well as diving from means means means high up in the clouds. It’s feasible that there will certainly be a combination of old as well as brand-new areas to discover.

WIll there be a lot more conventional dungeons than we saw in BotW?

It’s tough to state now. Nonetheless, in a meeting with Kotaku, Eiji Aonuma clarified some points the Zelda group found out while producing the Breath of bush.

One point we gained from Breath of bush is that when we concentrated on producing a dungeon with numerous options, it developed into this fantastic title. That’s one point I intend to brighten up as well as make use of for ideas in the future.

It’s feasible that a much deeper study dungeons would certainly enable gamers to discover numerous options to finish problems as well as make their means via the video game. Taking into consideration that the absence of conventional dungeons was among the largest issues from followers, it would not run out the inquiry for Nintendo to place a lot more complicated dungeons in the follow up.

That is the major bad guy?

Evil king

Evil king Resource: Nintendo screenshot

It’s greater than most likely the undead individual from the intro that has beautiful red eyes. Yet that is he or she?

You may observe a medallion with the Gerudo symbol hanging close to him. Lots of people have actually taken this to suggest that this undead number is none apart from Ganon himself because he was birthed a Gerudo, although we do not understand for certain. Nonetheless, it would certainly make good sense because we just saw Ganon’s insane gigantic kinds as well as not his humanoid type in the initial video game.

Returning to the initial intro trailer, there’s a quick flash of light at the 0:45 2nd mark that tosses a shadowy shape on the wall surface. It appears to reveal what this undead individual appeared like when they lived. There’s likewise the scary beautiful hand that appears to be affixed to his upper body, which may show either a friend or one more bad guy Web link will certainly require to deal with. We’ll upgrade you on that the follow up’s major crook is as we find out more.

Do tools still damage?

We have not found out the tool mecahnic spcifics right now. Nonetheless, the follow up will likely utilize something comparable to what we experienced in the initial video game. We’ll upgrade you when we find out more.

Do you play as Web link or Zelda?

Zelda and Link in a Cavern

Zelda and Link in a Cavern Resource: Nintendo screenshot

The shots we have actually seen thus far have actually just revealed Web link running around the map. And also sadly, it appears Zelda may be playing the lady in distress once more as she’s revealed falling under a void in the initial intro trailer.

Kotaku had the ability to ask manufacturer Eiji Aonuma if Zelda would certainly be usable in this follow up. He at first showed shock as well as perhaps some complication at the inquiry, yet after that just stated, “I can not inform you.” It resembles we’ll need to wait as well as see the number of usable personalities there are.

Will there be any kind of DLC?

It’s presently prematurely to understand if there will certainly be any kind of DLC. Nonetheless, it interests keep in mind that Aonuma has actually mentioned that this follow up’s suggestions at first began as DLC for Breath of bush.

When we launched the DLC for Breath of bush, we recognized this is an excellent means to include even more aspects to the exact same globe. Yet when it boils down to technological points, DLC is practically datayou’re including information to a preexisting title. When we wished to include larger adjustments, DLC is not nearly enough, which’s why we believed perhaps a follow up would certainly be an excellent fit.

Nintendo commonly launches DLC for its larger video games, so it’s likely that we’ll see some for the Breath of bush follow up. Besides, it’s a win-win because it offers the Japanese video gaming firm a lot more profits while providing followers a lot more to discover.

What regarding amiibo?

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Amiibo

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Amiibo Resource: iMore/ Rebecca Spear

Nintendo launched numerous Breath of bush amiibo for the initial video game as well as made various other Zelda amiibo suitable with it. When checked, these numbers enable gamers to get unique in-game things, battle together with Wolf Web link, or perhaps obtain Epona, the equine from Ocarina of Time.

We presently do not understand if the follow up will certainly collaborate with these porcelain figurines, yet we can think they will certainly Besides, we lately saw the amiibo for the 4 champs obtained reprints as well as a brand-new Zelda & & Loftwing amiibo launched for Skyward Sword HD in 2021.

Just how much will it set you back?

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Master Edition

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Master Edition Resource: Nintendo The Tale of Zelda: Breath of bush Master Version.

The majority of huge Nintendo titles nowadays cost $60, to ensure that’s what we anticipate for a common duplicate of Breath of bush 2. Nonetheless, considered that the initial likewise had a Scandal sheet for $100, Master Version for $130, as well as Deluxe Collection agency’s Version for $140, we anticipate some unique variations for the follow up also. The rates each will certainly depend upon exactly what includes the video game.

Can you play Breath of bush 2 on Nintendo Switch Over Lite?

We’re thinking that the follow up will certainly have areas where gamers can make use of activity controls to address problems much like the initial did. A lot of these problems might likewise conveniently be fixed by just utilizing the joysticks. So we’re thinking the follow up will certainly coincide means. Yet otherwise, Nintendo Change Lite proprietors will certainly intend to buy an outside set of Joy-Cons so they can participate the activity. We’ll upgrade you when we find out more.

Is Nintendo launching an unique Breath of bush 2 Change console?

Nintendo hasn’t exposed any kind of strategies to launch an unique Breath of bush 2 Change console. Nonetheless, thinking about just how much interest Breath of bush has actually obtained as well as just how extremely expected the follow up is, it would certainly be outrageous for Nintendo not to capitalize the buzz as they performed with the Pet Crossing Change or the current Metroid Fear OLED alternative. One point is for certain, if Nintendo does develop an unique Zelda-themed Change to launch with Breath of bush 2, we’ll be several of the initial in line purchasing.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Catastrophe

Anybody that can not await the follow up can obtain a little a Zelda repair with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Catastrophe. Throughout the statement E3 2019 trailer, Eiji Aonuma, the manufacturer for The Tale of Zelda collection, mentioned the following:

” We stated in the June 2019 Nintendo Direct discussion that we had actually begun growth on the follow up to the Tale of Zelda Breath of bush … Concerning the follow up, the group is striving on its growth to make the large globe you delighted in discovering in the initial video game a lot more outstanding. So, you’ll need to wait a little bit much longer prior to we can offer even more updates.”

Age of Catastrophe complies with the occasions that happened 100 years prior to Breath of bush. You play as Web link, Zelda, the 4 champs, as well as added personalities from Breath of bush as you resist Catastrophe Ganon.

Breath of bush 2

We definitely enjoyed Breath of bush as well as can not wait to obtain my hands on the follow up. We’ll maintain our perceptive as well as will certainly upgrade this post with any kind of information, reports, or main updates that we discover. Inspect back commonly!

Upgraded March 9, 2022: Upgraded areas, yet thus far, no brand-new details.

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Utilize a Committed Secret or Switch

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