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Rugged Cyberdeck Makes The Case For Keeping Things Water-Tight



Many individuals construct cyberdecks simply for the hell of it, as well as there’s absolutely nothing incorrect keeping that in any way. On the various other hand, [cyzoonic]’s rugged ‘deck is a little bit extra purpose-built. In this circumstances, the objective is software-defined radio.

Below those wonderful custom-cut panels exists a Raspberry Pi 3B as well as a BOM full of parts that can be carried Ali Express. There’s likewise an ESP32 that takes input from the keypad plus the 5 switches that manage the screen, as well as both potentiometers. [cyzoonic] can call in regularities with the handles, or by typing figures on the keypad.

Among the issues with making use of a Pelican situation is this– exactly how do you set up any type of kind of panel without jeopardizing the situation’s water-tightness? [cyzoonic] points out in the remarks that Pelican makes a brace that enables panels as well as points to be screwed down without breaching the situation. Yet in this situation, [cyzoonic] made their very own braces in a comparable style.

One more issue with Pelican instances (as well as cyberdecks generally that are constructed right into hinged boxen) is something that does not obtain adequate interest: inputting comfort designs. Directly, we take comfy as well as ergonomic inputting relatively seriously, as well as would certainly like to see a cyberdeck that talks to this problem.

In the meanwhile, we’ll need to take [cyzoonic]’s word that while it’s not awfully comfy to kind with the ‘deck on a table top, resting on the flooring stooped over the important things like a real cyberpunk is far better. This is an operate in development (at the very least the IO task anyhow), so we’ll be adjusting back in sometimes to see if anymore guidelines show up.

Mentioning ergonomic cyberdecks, right here’s the one that fixed a limit in the sand for us– [Tinfoil_Haberdashery]’s charming ErgoDox-based NUC maker.

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classic hacks

Great Computer Hacks Make Hackers Hacker Computers




In the year 1995, computer systems were, well … monotonous. The future had not been below yet, and also computer systems were boring, beefy off-white boxes. Certain, there were some cool-ish computer systems being marketed, yet the landscape was still fairly barren. However as you’ll see in the video clip listed below the break, it does not need to be in this way, and also the [Hackers Curator] reveals us the method by recreating Johnny Lee Miller’s computer from the 1995 movie Hackers.

Cyberpunks had not been prominent when it appeared, yet throughout the years it has actually gotten fairly an adhering to. It represented computer systems and also individuals that enjoyed them in entirely brand-new methods, standing for a society that has actually never ever existed. Nevertheless, it influenced numerous young cyberpunk kinds. Amongst those influenced is the team over at [Hackers Curator] and also they have actually taken it upon themselves to, uh … curate … the props, outfits, and also tales bordering the motion picture.

Recreating Dade’s legendary camouflage “luggable” computer system included fairly a great deal of trouble. It ends up that the initial motion picture props were functioning personalized computer systems that made use of hacked with each other personalized instances and also Mac Powerbook 180c internals. Dade’s (also known as Zer0 Great and also Accident Override) was mashup of the a Compaq Portable 486c and also the previously mentioned Mac. [HackersCurator] have actually carefully recreated this prop from 2 busted computer systems, yet picked to run the internals with a Raspberry Pi.

The methods made use of in the production of this abominable cyberdeck are ones that can be made use of in structure numerous various other tasks, also if you’re not a Cyberpunks cyberpunk. Personalizing the plastics and also putting a trackball in one of the most uncomfortable of places was skillfully done, and also we’ll be describing it in the future for assistance when doing comparable tasks.

Are motion picture reproduction hacks your point? You remain in good luck! It ends up that this isn’t [Hackers Curator]’s very first develop. In 2019 they dealt with Lord Nikon’s laptop computer, and also obviously, we covered that a person as well!

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ApocaPi Now Is A Cyberdeck For What Comes After




Completion of the globe appears better currently than in the past, also in the 1980s. However you, dear Hackaday viewers, will certainly desire greater than simply a bug-out bag packed with C-rations and also water resistant suits. You will certainly require the technical variation of a bug-out bag– a mil-spec-esque cyberdeck, which is precisely what [hammerandhandmi] remains in the center of refining.

That’s not some type of expensive cake frying pan– it’s a Pelican 1170 situation lined with conductive aluminum foil tape. You see, [hammerandhandmi] has numerous factors not specified upon for doing this, consisting of EMP defense. Inside is an 8 GB Raspberry Pi 4B putting on a Pi Juice UPS HAT and also drinking from an expensive power supply. The primary billing resource for the old Mac publication battery is solar by means of a huge panel that’s exterior to cyberdeck. A smaller sized, second panel lives inside for back-up objectives. There’s likewise an MPPT fee controller for to sustain the various battery chemistries. [hammerandhandmi] picked the Pelican 1170 since they require to place it to the rear of an LC2 Alice backpack structure. The 1170 is larger than the preferred 1150, and also remains in reality practically the specific size of the LC2 structure.

The factor of this develop is to preserve power for the objective of protecting understanding– all that things we’ll require to reconstruct mankind. There will certainly be much info offered up by means of FOSS offline internet browser Kiwix, plus an atlas, some armed forces area handbooks, a great deal of survival information, every one of guides Task Gutenberg needs to use, plus a handful of flicks and also a couple of video game ROMs so [hammerandhandmi] can endure the remainder of their days in what is with any luck some type of solar punk paradise.

Offered there suffices time to apply everything, [hammerandhandmi] prepares to include an SDR with antenna connection, GPS device, 12 V port, a number of SSDs, a powered USB center, and also perhaps an RFID viewers. However the coolest component is that they eventually intend to link every little thing as much as a HUD placed in a ballistic safety helmet. See? The armageddon can be amazing. It depends on us!

We usually see cyberdecks with mechanical key-boards, similar to this cherry Pi number. However the restored keeb from a 1989 Compaq laptop computer may be equally as future-proof.

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