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Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 12GB Review



Recently Nvidia silently launched a brand-new 12GB version of the RTX 3080. The card seems like its the like the initial 10GB variation, however with an added 2GB of VRAM. And also while thats the idea of it, theres a bit even more to the launch. In addition to the additional memory, theres a 3% boost in core matter as well as an 8% boost for the ROPs. This sees the 12GB version raise to a 384-bit large memory bus for a 20% boost in memory data transfer, in spite of the very same 19 Gbps GDDR6X memory is being utilized.

The vital modification is a 20% boost in memory data transfer as well as capability. With all stated as well as done, the 12GB 3080 will certainly land in between the initial 3080 as well as 3080 Ti in regards to efficiency, as well as we believe it will certainly typically be closer to the 3080 Ti, so a great little upgrade there.

However journalism concern with the 12GB RTX 3080 coincides trouble we confront with all graphics cards today: rates as well as accessibility. Offered the efficiency, its not a surprise to locate that the 12GB version is placed in between the initial 3080 as well as 3080 Ti.

Relying On where you are, the 12GB 3080 may in fact be somewhat far better worth than the 10GB 3080, so you can say that its an invited upgrade. Directly however, Id instead Nvidia stayed devoted to enhancing accessibility of the item they launched in September 2020, which many individuals are still awaiting, the initial 10GB RTX 3080.

GeForce RTX 3090 GeForce RTX 3080 GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12GB
Cost (MSRP) $1500 $700 $1200 ???
Launch Day September 2020 June 2021 January 2022
Pass Away Dimension 628.4 mm2
Core Config 10496/ 328/ 112 8704/ 272/ 96 10240/ 320/ 112 8960/ 280/ 104
Core/Boost Clock 1695 MHz 1710 MHz 1665 MHz 1710 MHz
Memory Ability 24 GB 10 GB 12 GB 12 GB
Memory Rate 19.5 Gbps 19 Gbps
Memory Kind GDDR6X
Memory Bus Transmission Capacity 384-bit 320-bit 384-bit 384-bit
TDP 350 watts 320 watts 350 watts 320 watts

Well touch a lot more on that particular in the direction of completion of this testimonial. In the meantime, releases over the examination system specifications and after that delve into a couple of benchmark outcomes. For screening were utilizing our Ryzen 9 5950X GPU examination system including 32GB of double ranking, double network DDR4-3200 CL14 memory. For the GPUs weve examined at the default AMD as well as Nvidia clock requirements (no manufacturing facility overclocking) which indicates the MSI Suprim X version utilized to check the 12GB RTX 3080 has actually been downclocked to that specification.

An additional screening note is that while we have actually determined to begin examining CPUs with ResizableBAR allowed, weve yet to do the very same for GPUs. The factor is that for CPUs its a system attribute, so when evaluating a CPU, were precisely representing the efficiency of that item when making use of Resizable BAR. But also for GPUs its a bit various, although ReBAR is practically still a GPU attribute, we do not intend to presume that everybody has a Ryzen 5000 collection cpu. Utilizing ReBAR with older Ryzen cpus, as well as certainly, Intel CPUs will certainly result in various outcomes, as well as in a lot of cases its not also sustained.

For instance, the Radeon RX 6800 XT obtains a ~ 20% increase in Assassins Creed Valhalla with Resizable BAR allowed when utilizing our Ryzen 9 5950X examination system, however if you had a Core i9-9900K, the attribute isn’t sustained, which indicates no gains. This is a concern as the RTX 3080 just obtains around a ~ 5-10% increase with ReBAR allowed in Assassins Creed Valhalla, which provides AMD a large benefit on our Ryzen 5000 examination system, a benefit youre not likely to see on all various other systems. So, up until Resizable BAR is sustained as well as functions well on a variety of contemporary systems, were mosting likely to restrict its usage to CPU/platform screening. With that said off the beaten track, allows enter the benchmark information …


To begin with releases over the upgraded Assassins Creed Valhalla information. Beginning with 1080p, the 3080 12GB, initial 3080 as well as the 3080 Ti all supplied concerning the very same efficiency, as well as below were architecturally bottlenecked with Ampere not able to successfully feed all the cores at this reduced resolution, causing the 6800 XT revealing ~ 14% even more efficiency.

That margin is cut in half at 1440p with the 6800 XT currently simply 7% faster than the 12GB 3080, while the upgraded GeForce GPU primarily matched the 3080 Ti, while supplying an incredibly moderate 6% gain over the initial 10GB 3080.

After That at 4K the brand-new 12GB 3080 surpasses the 6800 XT, defeating it by 8%, while exceeding the initial 3080 by 10%. It was likewise within a structure of the 3080 Ti, so were considering 3080 Ti-like efficiency in this title.

Following, we have Much Cry 6, as well as below were CPU restricted at 1080p which indicates no distinction in efficiency in between the 3080 variations, in addition to the 3080 Ti as well as 3090. Its in fact a comparable tale at 1440p with these premium GPUs as well as although the 6900 XT strikes the lead, its well down when it concerns 1% reduced efficiency.

At 4K, those weak 1% lows of the Radeon GPUs are gone, likely since framework prices aren’t driving fairly as high, as well as were currently seeing the 12GB 3080 matching the 6800 XT with 77 fps generally, putting it rather well in between the 10GB variation as well as 3080 Ti.

Watch Dogs Myriad offers us with even more of the very same, at 1080p the Radeon GPUs usually carry out far better, while the 12GB 3080 can be located in between the 10GB 3080 as well as 3800 Ti, however usually closer to the Ti version.

Going Up to 1440p sees the 12GB version outmatch the 10GB variation by a 7% margin, making it simply 4% slower than the 3080 Ti, as well as about on the same level with the 6800 XT. After that as anticipated, the Ampere GPUs prices best at 4K. Below the 12GB 3080 was 11% faster than the 6800 XT, which is a powerful lead, as well as simply 3% behind what was accomplished by the 3080 Ti.

Last up were mosting likely to check out Cyberpunk 2077. Weve examined a lot more video games however, for this testimonial well miss all that repeated information as well as leap to the 12-game standard. The 1080p information is as anticipated, the 12GB 3080 primarily matched the 3080 Ti making it a portion quicker than the initial 3080.

At 1440p the margins open a little, the 3080 12GB is currently 5% faster than the 10GB variation as well as simply 3% slower than the 3080 Ti. Technically, the 3080 is currently faster than the 6800 XT, though the margin is eventually useless. After that at 4K, the 12GB 3080 pushed in advance of the 6900 XT to defeat the 6800 XT by an 8% margin, making it simply 4% slower than the 3080 Ti, so thats possibly sufficient considering private video game information.

Efficiency Contrasts

Heres the 12 video game ordinary information at 1080p, and also as you can see the little upgrade has actually enabled the 12GB 3080 to match the 6800 XT, however all it required was a 4% increase. If the initial 3080 as well as 3080 Ti werent close sufficient for you, the 12GB version is simply 1.5% slower. Thats some hefty item division, however after that we are just at 1080p.

Lifting to 1440p we see that the initial 3080 as well as 6800 XT are uniformly matched, so the plain 5% increase used by the 12GB version suffices to strike the lead by a small margin, as well as currently its simply 3% slower than the 3080 Ti.

When contrasted to its Radeon competitors, Nvidias Ampere goes to its finest when playing video games at 4K as well as below the 12GB 3080 was 10% faster than the 6800 XT, which is a sensible margin. Thats a 6% enhancement over the initial 3080 as well as 4% slower than the 3080 Ti.

Power Usage

Take the 12GB 3080 numbers as an estimate, thats since for a lot of these cards weve utilized the Nvidia Founders Version versions which are far better power maximized when contrasted to MSIs sturdy Suprim X variation.

Although the Suprim X is downclocked, the voltages aren’t maximized for the default clock rates, as well as this boosts power use. Had we got an FE version, joined anticipate power usage to land someplace in between the initial 3080 as well as 3080 Ti.

Ray Looking Up Efficiency

Prior to covering points up well take a glance at ray mapping. Like the rasterization results, absolutely nothing will certainly have transformed from the initial 3080 as well as 3080 Ti screening. For instance, in Cyberpunk 2077 the 6800 XT is paralyzed with any kind of type of ray mapping allowed, with the high setup striking framework prices by 46%.

The 12GB 3080 is still struck hard, going down 31% of its initial efficiency, however allowing DLSS recovers framework prices to about what we saw without RT allowed. Certainly, picture top quality isn’t fairly just as good as indigenous, however the most recent variation of DLSS functions quite possibly in this video game, so for the complete impact ray mapping + DLSS is the means to go, however whatever your choice, there are a lot more choices readily available with the RTX 3080.

Ray mapping in Far Cry 6 is a lot more refined, though some locations of the video game do look really excellent with it allowed. As an AMD funded title this is far better maximized for RDNA2 GPUs, so the 6800 XT is decent below.

Watch Dogs Myriad, on the various other hand, is Nvidia funded. It was likewise launched well prior to AMDs RDNA2 style, so really little optimization for Radeon GPUs has actually been done below. Consequently, the 6800 XT takes a 53% efficiency struck with top quality RT allowed, while the 12GB 3080 takes a 39% hit, however with DLSS allowed can bring back a lot of that efficiency, seen with the ultra setups which increased efficiency by 33% with DLSS allowed. Conversely, you can simply make it possible for DLSS without ray mapping which caused a small 9% gain.

Local Wickedness Town is an AMD funded video game, so like Much Cry 6 we locate that ray mapping isn’t utilized fairly as greatly, as well as its utilized in a manner that functions much better with AMDs application. Still, were considering a 49% pinch hit the 6800 XT with a 35% pinch hit the 12GB 3080, however in both instances efficiency at 1440p continues to be superb.

Overclocking & & Temps

Heres a glance at exactly how the MSI RTX 3080 12GB Suprim X executes out of package. After half an hour of gameplay, the GPU temperature level came to a head at 77C which is fairly high, though were considering a fairly reduced follower rate of 1500 RPM, suggesting the card was primarily murmur peaceful. This goes over provided GPU power was up around 390 watts. The regular core clock rate was 1905 MHz, as well as certainly, the memory ran at 19 Gbps.

Overclocked, our example came to a head at 78C, with a really small boost in follower rate as well as below it balanced 1950 MHz, a simple 2% increase from supply. Going greater would certainly create the card to accident. The memory likewise came to a head at 20 Gbps, which is an unimportant 5% bump. Simply put, supply the Suprim X wasnt much from being maxed out.

That Is It For?

Thats exactly how the GeForce RTX 3080 12GB carries out, and also as anticipated, there are not a surprises. For Nvidia, the 12GB variation of the RTX 3080 enables them to considerably improve revenue margins on silicon that would certainly have or else marketed as the initial 10 GB version, as well as consequently enables board companions and/or suppliers to profit the present markets need. Certainly, joined like if they took care of dedicated consumers that purchased an RTX 3080 at a sensible rate 16 months earlier, however plainly theres no company reward in doing that.

So, we understand precisely why Nvidia has launched the 12GB 3080, as well as why theyre not fascinated customers obtaining their hands on them, however what does it suggest for customers? Honestly, not a whole lot. Those of you claiming less expensive costs will certainly need to remain to stay person, as well as Nvidias transfer to additional sector the GA102 schedule not does anything to boost supply.

Theres no excellent information below, unless you currently prepared to pay too much for a graphics card. The 12GB 3080 is currently for sale in a couple of nations, as well as when contrasted to the 3080 Ti, we think you can state its … far better worth.

The initial RTX 3080 (10GB) is detailed for as low as $1,400 in the United States, however theyre primarily unavailable at that rate, while the 3080 Ti is better to $2,000 and after that brand-new 12GB variation is marketing someplace in the center. Based upon those road rate factors, the 10GB version still uses the most effective worth for players, however the 12GB version is far better than the 3080 Ti (charm!). Certainly, you shouldnt acquire any one of them, however thats exactly how the marketplace is valuing these items.

Thats all we need to state concerning the 12GB RTX 3080. On a last note, the MSI RTX 3080 12GB Suprim X is a monster of a graphics card, its simply an embarassment we angle suggest you acquire one now.

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Utilize a Committed Secret or Switch

Press the sleep key or button on your Winodws 11 device to put it to sleep.
Benj Edwards

A Lot Of Windows Computers and also tablet computers consist of an unique rest switch someplace on the body of the gadget. To discover it, consult your gadget’s documents, or try to find a key-board trick with a tiny “Z” or moon symbol on it. If you press it, your computer will certainly sleep immediately. To wake it up once again later on, simply push the power switch, touch the trackpad, or push a key-board trick.

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Utilize a Key-board Series or Faster Way

If your computer or key-board does not have a devoted rest switch (some desktop computer Computers do not, for instance), a viewers called John G. advised us that you can make use of a fast key-board series to state “lights out” to your computer.

To do so, very first press Windows+ X on your key-board (which opens up the Power Individual food selection). After that press “U,” after that “S.” Your computer will certainly go to rest immediately. So simply remember this: Win+ X, U, S.

At The Same Time, you might make use of Microsoft PowerToys to map the rest feature to a secret on your key-board that you do not make use of extremely typically (such as Scroll Lock, for instance). To do so, download PowerToys, open up the Key-board Supervisor, and also map an essential to “Rest.” When you press it, your computer will certainly snooze immediately.

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Close Your Cover

A person closing or opening a laptop lid
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If you’re utilizing a laptop computer or note pad computer, you can generally place your computer to rest promptly by shutting the cover. If you fold up down the clamshell display right into a shut placement, it’s most likely your laptop computer will certainly rest immediately. If it does not occur, you can inspect your setups and also choose what occurs when you close the cover. Pleasant fantasizes!

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