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LTE Modem Transplant For A Tesla Imported Into Europe



When modern-day linked autos go across continents, unique compatibility issues emerge. [Oleg Kutkov], being a seasoned designer, really did not stress when an USA-tailored LTE modem functioned inadequately on his Tesla fresh off its USA-Europe import trip, and also walks us through his journey of changing the modem with one more Tesla modem component that works with European LTE bands.

[Oleg]’s blog post undergoes various components on the board and also reveals you just how they’re required in the larger photo of the Tesla’s Media Computer hardware (MCU), also eliminating the LTE modem’s guard to explain the ICs below it, iFixit teardown representation design! A remarkable emphasize would certainly be an SIM-on-chip, basically, a SIM card in an oh-so-popular DFN bundle, and also the good news is, changing it with an outlet for a routine SIM card on some extender cables has actually verified worthwhile. The resulting Tesla can currently delight in Net connection at rates past those supplied by side. The review must be an excellent overview for others Tesla proprietors dealing with the very same issue, yet it additionally assists us make electrical autos be much less alike black boxes in our cumulative recognition.

Not all repercussions of Tesla style choices are this small; for example, this year, we have actually defined a preferred eMMC failing setting of Tesla autos and also just how Tesla stopped working to resolve it. Luckily, Tesla autos are ending up being even more of a cyberpunk neighborhood target, whether it’s developing a computer-vision-assisted robotic to connect in a billing cable television, obtaining it fixed for a portion of the car dealership price, and even constructing your very own Tesla from salvage components!

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