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Inverted Pendulum Balanced On A Drone



[Nicholas Rehm] functions throughout the day at the Applied Physics Lab at Johns Hopkins, Maryland, so has substantial experience with a range of UAV applications. The inquiry occurred regarding exactly how the willpower mars wanderer touchdown functioned, which triggered [Nicholas] to hang a rock under his drone, connected through a winch. This showed to be intriguing. Yet what is even more intriguing for us, is what happens when you try to attach an inverted pendulum to the top of a drone in flight? (video clip installed, listed below)

This is aclassic control theory problem, where you require to determine the angle of the pendulum relative to the base, and also shut the loophole by computing the required velocity from the pendulum angle. Usually this is shown in one measurement just, however it is just a little bit extra challenging to stabilize a pendulum with 2 levels of flexibility.

[Nicholas] initially attempted to acquire the pendulum angle by just getting rid of the focusing derive from an analog joystick, and also utilizing it to affix the pendulum pole to the drone body. As is fairly apparent, this has a huge downside. The pendulum angle from upright is currently the amount of the joystick angle and also the drone angle, which with the linked dimension mistakes, showed to be a pointless arrangement. Not to be prevented, [Nicholas] just included one more IMU board to the base of the pendulum, and also maintained the joystick device as a pivot just. As well as, as you can see from the video clip after the break, this certainly functioned.

The trip controller is [Nicholas’] very own task, dRehmFlight (GitHub), which is an Arduino collection planned for the Teensy 4.0, making use of the common MPU6050 6-DOF IMU. [Nicholas] likewise made an intro video for the controller, which might confirm explanatory for those wanting to decrease this roadway to develop their very own VTOL airplane. The code for pendulum experiment is not offered at the time of composing, probably it will strike the GitHub in the future?

For some even more upside down pendulum enjoyable, do have a look at this straightforward straight sled.We did cover dRehmFlight a bit earlier relating to the put on hold pendulum, which might likewise worth an appearance.

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