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Edge-Mounted Meters Give This Retro Frequency Counter Six Decades Of Display



When it come to retro examination equipment, one’s ideas have a tendency to those Nixie-adorned tools , or the boat-anchor oscilloscopes that featured their very own carts merely due to the fact that there was nothing else means to relocate things. However there were various other try to find examination equipment in the past, as this frequency counter with a readout using moving-coil meters programs.

We need to confess to never ever seeing anything like [Charles Ouweland]’s Van Der Heem 9908 digital counter prior to. The Netherlands-based firm, which was later on obtained by Philips, developed this six-digit, 1-MHz counter at some point in the 1950s. The display screen makes use of 6 different edge-mounted panel meters phoned number 0 with 9 to reveal the regularity of the inbound signal. The video clip listed below has a demonstration of what the tool can do; we do not recognize if it was brought back eventually, however it still functions and also it’s in fact rather precise. Later on in the video clip, he offers an excursion of the withins, which is the genuine reward– the instance opens up like a brief-case and also includes over 20 different PCBs with a number of germanium transistors, all sewn along with point-to-point circuitry.

We value the appearance inside this distinct item of examination devices background. It nearly appears like something that would certainly have gotten on the bench while this Apollo-era IO tester was being prototyped.

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