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Ask Hackaday: What’s Going On With Mazdas In Seattle?



What cyberpunk does not like a challenge? We have a beauty for you. According to KUOW– the NPR associate in Seattle– they have actually been obtaining an uncommon issue. Evidently, if you drive a Mazda made in 2016 as well as you tune to KUOW, your radio obtains stuck on their regularity, 94.9 MHz, as well as you can’t change it.

According to an article from the radio terminal, it does not simply influence the FM radio. An audience called Smith reported:

I attempted restarting it due to the fact that Ive done that in the past as well as absolutely nothing occurred, Smith stated, I recognized I can listen to NPR, yet I angle transform the terminal, cant usage the navigating, cant usage the Bluetooth.

The terminal additionally reports that Mazda suppliers in the location are obtaining swamped with require the last 3 weeks concerning the concern. There’s a concept concerning 5G smart device implementation yet, truthfully, we aren’t purchasing it. Given that is Mazda, we figure it needs to specify to that brand name. Nonetheless, it looks like it isn’t taking place throughout the nation, so there needs to be something details to KUOW, we are presuming. Possibly something in the RDS stream? What’s your concept? Possibly a Hackaday commenter will certainly assist the terminal as well as Mazda fix the enigma.

We understand a well-known imaginary Seattle radio terminal whose on-air ability utilized the tagline: “I’m paying attention.” Maybe KUOW must embrace: “You’re paying attention,” if they remain to record cars and truck stereos. We have actually seen weird communications tinker modern technology prior to. Often it is as basic as a vital fob.

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