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An Oil Diffusion Vacuum Pump From Thrift Store Junk



It looks like developing a vacuum cleaner ought to be a rather very easy work, however it ends up that drawing all the air out of something is tougher than it appears. An affordable air pump will certainly obtain you component of the means there, however to truly draw a tough vacuum cleaner, you require an oil diffusion pump that sets you back several 10s of countless bucks.

Or, you requirea bunch of thrift store junk, a TIG welder, and a can of WD-40 A minimum of that’s what [Lucas] took into his homebrew oil diffusion pump. The suggestion of such a gizmo is to evaporate oil in a chamber such that the oil beads entrain any type of continuing to be gas particles towards an exhaust port. His low-budget awareness of this concept included a great deal of second hand shop stainless-steel kitchenware, bonded along with differing levels of success, with liberal applications of epoxy to secure up any type of leakages. And also an electrical smores stove for the burner, which was a great touch. The low-budget strategy expanded also to the oil for the pump; instead of spending for costly specialized oil, [Lucas] distilled some from a WD-40 silicone spray lube.

The video clip listed below information all the woes [Lucas] run into along the road, plus the screening procedure. The outcomes went to the very least motivating– the diffusion pump was drawing vacuum cleaner much over of what the roughing pump can. He plainly still has some job to do, however obtaining as much as he made with the dump of components he patched with each other is quite remarkable.

[Lucas]’ objective with all this? A blend activator. No, not that kind. This kind.

Many Thanks to [fruitbaticus] and also [supereggbert] for the near-simultaneous suggestions on this set.

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