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10 Unnecessary Kitchen Gadgets That’ll Make Your Life Much Easier – LifeSavvy



Someone zesting a lemon with the Deiss Pro Zester, leafy greens in the OXO salad spinner, and someone using the Bellemain Premium Lemon Squeezer on a salad.

There’s a details device for practically every kitchen area job, from avocado slicers as well as orange peelers to quesadilla manufacturers. Obviously, a blade services both of the previous, as well as you can simply utilize a frying pan to prepare the last. Nevertheless, there are a lot of kitchen area gizmos that, while not always needed, can certainly make your life a lot much easier.

A “unitasker”– created by Alton Brown, cook as well as previous host of Great Eats— is a cooking area device that can primarily just do something. Several unitaskers are a waste of cash (as well as valuable counter room) since you most likely currently have a device you can utilize to execute the very same job.

Nevertheless, that does not suggest every unitasker out there is rubbish. For comfort alone, right here are 10 that we assume deserve the cash money.

Satisfied Vacations! This write-up becomes part of our Holiday 2021 Gift Guide where you can discover the best-of-the-best suggestions from LifeSavvy, How-To Nerd, as well as Evaluation Nerd to aid you choose the excellent present for every person on your listing!

A Garlic Press

A woman using the Alpha Grillers Garlic Press to sprinkle garlic over a skillet of vegetables.

Alpha Grillers

There’s a lot of talk out there about how garlic presses are a waste of money and, on some levels, this is valid. Garlic presses mince garlic super small, which means it gives off a more intense flavor and can burn more easily. And sure, you can definitely just chop your garlic up into small pieces with a knife.

But we think the pros outweigh the cons here. If you’ve ever chopped garlic, you know how annoying it is. The cloves are small and slippery, which makes getting the pieces tiny enough (if that’s how you like them) is difficult.

While we can’t say unequivocally that a garlic press will actually save you a ton of time, it will definitely save you from chopping the garlic yourself, which you’ll absolutely appreciate.

If you cook often with garlic and prefer it to be very finely chopped, then get yourself a garlic press. This one from Alpha Grillers includes a life time warranty. It’s rustproof as well as constructed from 100% costs 304 stainless-steel. It’s additionally extremely very easy to tidy: The chamber cracks up so you can wash it out or place it in the dish washer.

A Rice Stove

Making rice seems straightforward theoretically: You toss it in some water in a pot, boil, and after that allow it rest for the advised quantity of time. In truth, however, it’s simply … annoying.The advised time isn’t constantly right, relying on your cooktop, as well as the rice constantly obtains stayed with the pot as well as is difficult to wipe.

Can you make it via life without a devoted rice stove? Certain. Should you obtain a rice stove anyhow? Yes! It is just one of our favored kitchen area acquisitions ever before. Your rice will certainly appear excellent every time– you do not also need to think of or look at it.

If you have a rice stove, it leaves area on the cooktop for you to prepare various other points. They’re very easy to tidy, as well as you will not ruin any one of your great pots with sticky rice.

We such asthe Cuisinart CRC-400 The four-cup version makes a great quantity of rice, yet additionally isn’t huge, so it’s not as well irritating to shop. It’s so very easy to utilize: Simply include the rice as well as water, and after that transform it on.

When it ends up preparing the rice, it instantly switches over to “Maintain Cozy” so your rice will not obtain chilly, yet additionally will not dry it out. The nonstick pot additionally could not be much easier to cleanse.

A Salad Rewriter

The OXO salad spinner full of leafy green letuuce.


The world is split into two groups: people who say you absolutely don’t need a salad spinner, and those who say they’re essential. Salad spinners do exactly what it sounds like: spins your greens in a colander to get all the water off. Basically, it just dries your greens really quickly.

Can you do this with a paper towel? Sure. Can you just, you know, let the greens sit in a colander and dry on their own? Of course. But the salad spinner speeds up the process and gets way more water out than either of the aforementioned methods. Plus, why waste paper towels? These are must-haves for anyone who makes salad or eats greens on the regular.

We love the OXO Steel Salad Spinner since it operates at the press of a switch as opposed to needing to spin a dial. The dish as well as bowl-shaped sieve are additionally fairly big, so you can fit a whole lot therein. You can additionally utilize the bowl-shaped sieve by itself, as well as the steel dish can be utilized as a salad dish when whatever has actually been dried out.

If you like the concept, yet aren’t crazy about investing $50 on a salad rewriter (also for even more sturdy stainless-steel), you can obtain the transparent model for around $30. It functions similarly as well as is equally as very easy to tidy.

An Immersion Blender Or Food Processor

The Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender, mixer attachment, and three-cup chopper bowl.


If you already own a regular blender, you probably don’t think you need an immersion blender. After all, they basically do the same thing: blend things up. But trust us, an immersion blender is a wonderful thing to have. It just makes blending things much easier and far less messy.

These are especially good for soups and sauces. Instead of dumping boiling hot soup into a blender, and then dumping it back in a pot (and trying not to spill any or burn yourself the whole time), you just stick an immersion blender in the pot and press the button. Same results, but much easier, with less mess and no spilling!

If you cook or bake a lot and/or use a blender often, an immersion blender will be a worthwhile investment.

The Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender is prominent since it’s very easy to hold as well as the blade mixes swiftly. It additionally includes some wonderful additionals, consisting of a cutting dish, an extra-large container, as well as a whisk. You can utilize it for cooking, or making soups, sauces, or shakes.

After you utilize it for some time, it may also completely change your food mill or full-size mixer. It’s simply that great.

A Microplane Zester

Someone grating chocolate on the Deiss PRO Citrus Zester.


At first glance, a large zester doesn’t seem necessary at all. But once you start using one, you’ll quickly change your mind. Not only can you use this to create zest from citrus fruits, but you can also grate cheese, ginger, chocolate, and coconut with it. It’s incredibly handy for cooking and baking.

We don’t even know how you would zest things without a microplane zester. Using a knife is both dangerous and difficult.TheDeiss Pro Citrus Zester has a sharp blade as well as a nonstick take care of that’s very easy to hold. And also, since it’s lengthy as well as slim, so it’s uncomplicated to shop. It’s so very easy to utilize since the side rests versus the counter without relocating, also as you’re zesting.

A Child Food Manufacturer

The BABA Babycook Baby Food Maker in Cloud on a kicthen counter.


You’ve probably heard a lot of moms say that baby food makers are a complete waste of money. It’s true that you can probably steam and blend food with the tools you already have in your kitchen. However, baby food makers just make the process a whole lot easier and far less messy. And what busy parent doesn’t want that?

Combo baby food makers are pricey, but if you know you’ll be making your own baby food, they’re worth it. They steam and blend in one machine for easy cleanup. They’re also fast and you can usually work them with one hand, which is very important for a mom. Some of them can even warm bottles and food.

We love the BABA Babycook as well as can not visualize making child food without it. It steams, mixes, as well as is little sufficient that it does not occupy excessive room on the counter. It’s additionally very easy to tidy as well as will entirely simplify your baby-food-making procedure.

A Citrus Hand Juicer

Someone removing a lemon out of the Bellemain Lemon Squeezer.


We know, we know, you can literally squeeze a lemon or a lime with your hands and the juice will come out easily. You don’t need a citrus hand juicer. Except, honestly, you kind of do.

Hand juicers just make life in the kitchen a little simpler. They squeeze citrus fruits until absolutely nothing is left, and you won’t get any of that sticky juice all over your hands. They also keep the pits from getting in whatever you’re eating or drinking, which is another nice perk.

TheBellemain Stainless-Steel Lemon Squeezer is sturdy as well as very easy to press, many thanks to the ergonomically created take care of. It’s additionally a cinch to tidy.

A Salt Storage

A salt box open on a counter with salt and pepper inside.


If you cook often with coarse salts, like kosher or sea salt, you should absolutely own a salt cellar. Only use regular table salt? You probably don’t need one of these and can move on to the next item on our list.

Wondering what the heck a salt cellar is? It’s a box (usually made of wood) that holds coarse salt and just sits on your counter or somewhere handy. It doesn’t do anything fancy—it’s literally just a little bowl for your salt.

It’s awesome to have one right next to your cooking area, though. Then, whenever you need a pinch of salt, you just reach over and pinch, instead of having to find the box of salt and shake some out. The lid on the salt cellar also keeps your salt fresh and dry for longer than any other container.

We particularly like the swivel lid on the HTB Salt Box The cover is magnetic, making it extremely very easy to open up as well as shut. It’s additionally split inside, so you can maintain your salt as well as pepper therein, or any kind of various other flavor or flavoring you utilize frequently. The little spoon is an exceptional enhancement so you can maintain your filthy fingers out of your fresh salt.

A Cookie Inside Story

Someone scooping cookie dough onto a cookie sheet with the OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoop.


We’re fully aware that you can use any spoon or your fingers to scoop out balls of cookie dough to make your cookies. If you bake a lot, though, a cookie scoop is really handy because it takes the guesswork out of measuring!

Also, unlike a spoon, a cookie scoop magically deposits the cookie dough onto the tray without you having to scrape it off. Sure, it’s more of a convenience item, but once you have one, you’ll wonder how you lived so long without it!

TheOXO Good Grips Medium Cookie Scoop is excellent! It gauges concerning 1-1/2 tbsps of dough, which is usually the excellent cookie dimension.

An Egg Separator

The OXO Egg Separator sitting on a stainless-steel mixing bowl.


We’ve always thought of an egg separator as an essential kitchen tool. Sure, you can just use the shell, but these awesome little gadgets separate the egg yolk from the white seamlessly. They just make the whole process easier and quicker.

If you prefer eating egg whites, one of these babies is totally worth it. They’re incredibly inexpensive and small, so it’s not like it’ll take up a ton of space—just toss it in a drawer.

We love theOXO Good Grips Egg Separator It’s charming as well as does its task well. The increased side is additionally incredible since it maintains eggshell items from obtaining throughout whatever you’re consuming.

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The Best Bread Baking Gifts for Holiday 2021 – LifeSavvy




A wooden cutting board with bread on it; bread in a ceramic bread pot; bread in a proofing basket
Ivation/Emile Henry/WERTIOO

Bread cooking has actually appreciated a rebirth in appeal in the last couple of years. If you have a baker in your life, these presents for bread bakers simply could be what they have actually been trying to find!

Cooking bread is a special group of cooking, calling for various methods, dishes, as well as tools than numerous various other kinds of baked items. Also within the general “bread” group, there are loads of various kinds of breads that each call for various techniques. If you understand a person that is actually upping their bread video game past the common sourdough beginners, this present overview uses a lot of functional, imaginative alternatives for products that bakers will truly take pleasure in as well as utilize. And also hello, also if the bread-lover on your listing isn’t rather so hands-on, we also have some terrific choices for bread equipments!

Satisfied Vacations! This short article belongs to our Holiday 2021 Gift Guide where you can locate the best-of-the-best suggestions from LifeSavvy, How-To Nerd, as well as Testimonial Nerd to aid you select the best present for everybody on your listing!

A Dough Whisk

A dough whisk mixing dough; a dough whisk sitting next to a tray of rolls

Coson Home

Mixing dough can be tricky: It needs to be worked enough to incorporate all the ingredients and start building the gluten structure, but it also shouldn’t be overmixed while trying to get those last bits of flour mixed in.

The solution? A dough whisk, like theCoson Home Danish Dough Whisk, a collection of 2 dough whisks made with oak deals with as well as stainless-steel rings. These dough whisks are created for convenience of blending bread dough by hand, with a multi-loop style that punctures the active ingredients, enters those sticky edges as well as blends better than making use of hands or wood spoons. If you actually intend to take your breadmaking to the following degree, begin below.

A Proofing Basket

A proofing basket with a ball of dough; a finished loaf of bread in the same basket


Setting your bread dough to proof is a key step in the process. Having the right container can make a big difference, especially when you’re looking to get a particularly well-formed crust.

The bread fanatic in your life will probably enjoy theWERTIOO 9-inch Proofing Basket: a proofing basket set made from all-natural rattan as well as lined with a light-weight bed linen. It’s excellent for offering bread a possibility to appropriately increase, while likewise delicately drawing wetness far from the surface area to later on create a crunchy, best crust. And also, the basket is available in 4 various dimensions, for any kind of bread dish as well as set dimension.

A Dough Scrape as well as Cutter

A dough scraper and cutter being used on loaves of bread dough


Even the best baker is only as good as their tools! A dough scraper is incredibly useful for ensuring even mixing—plus, it often doubles as a cutter for any number of needs.

Made from sturdy stainless steel, theMS WGO Pastry Scraper is made use of for scratching bread dough (specifically throughout the working procedure). It’s likewise best for reducing dough, whether right into private items or simply racking up the top of a loaf, with a round take care of that’s simple to hold as well as maneuver with.

A Clear Container for Dough Climbing

A clear plastic container filled with dry pasta


When proofing dough, it’s important to let it sit long enough, often until it doubles in size. To make it easier to tell when it hits that mark, use a clear plastic food storage container that has measurements marked on the outside. A simple, easy-to-clean option like theCambro Round Storage Container is a terrific option– it’s not extravagant, yet it suffices!

Pro suggestion: Do not attach the cover on the top when proofing bread; rather, established it gently on the top or cover with a towel as opposed to the plastic cover. If you wind up utilizing this container solely for bread dough, you can make a small opening in the facility of the cover so the container has a long-term “fermentation air vent” to allow the gas out.

A Versatile Bread Recipe Book

Whether you’re looking for on your own or a buddy, it’s constantly enjoyable to obtain a brand-new collection of dishes to trying out! The present of a bread recipe book full of a wide array of dishes is constantly welcome.

The Best of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is a collection of scrumptious, simple, as well as imaginative bread dishes from Jeff Hertzberg as well as Zo Franois. Consists of 80 dishes with very little prep time as well as a straightforward base dough, plus thorough expertise concerning the auto mechanics of bread, methods to make any kind of bread cooking experience much better, as well as beautiful photos.

For an extra sophisticated expedition of bread, Marie-Laure Frchet’s recipe book, Upper Crust: Homemade Bread the French Way, begins with the essentials, after that branch off right into over 100 dishes. Find out timeless French methods for various kinds of bread, all with an obtainable technique for at-home bakers wanting to take bread to the following degree.

A Cast Iron Dutch Stove

A cast iron Dutch oven with a loaf of bread in it; the same Dutch oven closed and sitting on a stove


Many breads are perfect for baking in a Dutch oven, and a simple, sturdy cast iron version from a reliable brand is a great gift for the baker in your life. Dutch ovens are sometimes perceived as more of a baking “want” than a “need,” but they’re unbeatable when it comes to baking certain kinds of bread, especially ones with a crispy crust.

TheLodge Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven is an amazing alternative from a dependable, made-in-the-USA brand name. It has a 5-quart capability, with a domed cover for a minor increase of bread, as well as comes pre-seasoned so any person can begin cooking right now.

A Skyscraper Bread Pot

A loaf of bread in a black ceramic pot; a close up of the same loaf in pot

Emile Henry

For those gorgeous, high-rise, beautifully domed loaves of bread, a baker can really use a bread pot: something tall enough to lend height, shape, and texture to a loaf as it bakes.

Gift your favorite baker anEmile Henry Bread Pot to cook breads with a greater increase that still develop their finest crust with a shut cover. The form of the closed-lid pot generates a crusty loaf with a high, rounded increase as opposed to the flatter top that typically occurs with an extra open style.

A Bread Board as well as Offering Blade Establish

A loaf of bread on a cutting board; a sliced loaf of bread with a crumb tray beneath it


Is there anything more classic than putting a fresh-baked loaf of bread on a wooden board? Genuine antique bread boards can be hard to find (or priced too high), but you can still get a beautiful look with a modern version.

The Ivation Bread Cutting Board has both kind as well as feature. The bamboo timber is tough without being confusing, as well as it’s created as a dual-layer board with a crumb catcher beneath, so every piece is tidy as well as your counters are as well. And also, the set features a long-bladed serrated blade, best for reducing pieces of any kind of bread as well as simple to keep in the prefabricated sheath alongside the board.

An Establish of Charming Cooking Area Towels

White kitchen towels with gray stripe design down the middle

KAF Home

Bread bakers will find a few different uses for quality kitchen towels. Lightweight towels are great for covering bread as it rises, as well as just for wiping hands when they get sticky and floury! Simple, elegant towels can also work as part of the joy of sharing bread: it’s so easy to wrap up fresh bread and deliver a homemade loaf to someone.

While themed towels can always be fun, you can’t go wrong with the KAF Home Classic Farmhouse Stripe Kitchen Towels These 100% cotton towels are merely woven with a charcoal-gray farmhouse red stripe down the center. They’re classic in vogue as well as, while not tough sufficient for day-to-day dish-drying usage, they’re ideal for covering breads or creating a basket for a liked one.

Cooking bread is a leisure activity that any person can take pleasure in. And also, also much better, it’s best for sharing! Get a few of these products for the bakers in your life– as well as possibly get hold of something on your own, as well.

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7 Turkey Sandwiches that Will Make You Fall in Love with Leftovers – LifeSavvy




A delicious turkey sandwich made from leftovers.

When it pertains to Thanksgiving leftovers, there’s absolutely nothing less complicated (or more delicious) than a turkey sandwich. Yet there’s no demand to be uninteresting concerning it! From panini’s to Croque Madames, these 7 sandwiches will certainly take those leftovers to the following degree.

Thanksgiving is the moment of year many individuals expect, and also leftovers are just one of the very best components. This year, obtain expensive and also attempt among these yummy mixtures.

Turkey and also Mashed Potato Waffle Thaws

A waffle slider with yolk oozing out after the sandwich has been cut.

Half Baked Harvest

We’re sorry to state this stunning morning meal turkey thaw may attack your desires till the large banquet. You’ll enjoy this excessively innovative waffle sandwich with brie, shattered avocado, and also, naturally, the gold yellow yolk streaming with each bite.

You’ll find out to make waffles from remaining mashed potatoes, buttermilk, and also a couple of various other active ingredients. When your waffles are completely prepared, you pile the turkey, avocado, brie, cranberry sauce, and also bacon. After that, you cover all of it off with an egg prepared simply the means you such as.

Obtain the Dish: Half Baked Harvest

Extra Turkey Salad Sandwich

A turkey salad sandwich, cut in half with one side stacked on top of the other.

Recipe Girl

Below’s an amazing means to consume added turkey and also feed your family members without seeming like you’re consuming the exact same point throughout once again. One more bonus offer is you can do away with any type of added celery or onion you have subjugating in the rear of your refrigerator.

The turkey, dried out cranberries, celery, and also onion all collaborated to produce a cool, fresh sandwich several individuals will certainly enjoy.

If you do not have actually any type of dried out cranberries handy, you can replace them with remaining cranberry sauce. The luscious mayo and also tasty sauce produce a scrumptious dressing that produces an outstanding turkey salad.

Obtain the Dish: Recipe Girl

Turkey Cranberry Panini

A panini sandwich filled with cheese, caramelized onion, turkey and cranberry sauce.
Happy Foods Tube

Warm ciabatta bread packed with fresh turkey and also caramelized onions prepared with cranberry sauce produce fairly a panini. This dish additionally asks for a wonderful spread of lotion cheese on each piece prior to you push your sandwich.

If you do not have any type of lotion cheese, you can additionally utilize goat cheese, as it sets truly well with sharp cranberry sauce.

No concerns if you do not have a panini press– there are additionally directions to salute or grill your bread.

Obtain the Dish: Happy Foods Tube

Roast Turkey, Cranberry, and also Brie Grilled Cheese

A brie and cranberry grilled cheese cut in half with one side stacked on other other, all placed on a piece of parchment paper.

Heather Christo

You do not need to be a youngster to consume smoked cheese, and also specifically except this. Although it just asks for a couple of modest remaining active ingredients, this sandwich is rupturing with taste. Most importantly, it just takes a couple of mins to throw up.

Baked turkey, some expensive Brie cheese, and also cranberry sauce or chutney all mix with each other completely. Load your sourdough bread with these active ingredients, spread out on a little butter, and afterwards barbecue it like you would certainly any type of various other smoked cheese sandwich.

Obtain the Dish: Heather Christo

Thanksgiving Leftovers Croque Madame

A Croque Madame with a fried egg on top, with black pepper and fresh sage leafs.

Half Baked Harvest

A Croque Madame is a well-known French smoked ham-and-cheese sandwich. It’s generally made with a white sauce and also a deep-fried or poached agitate top, however the writer over atHalf Baked Harvest takes it to an entire brand-new degree.

Initially, you take a little remaining sauce and also produce a cheese variation of the abovementioned white sauce. After that, you construct your croissant sandwich from all-time low up, utilizing remaining veggies and also mashed potatoes, complied with by turkey and also cranberry sauce. You cover all of it off with your cheese gravy sauce.

Location the various other fifty percent of your croissant ahead, grate a little fresh Gruyre, and also right into the stove it goes! When it appears, leading all of it off with a deep-fried egg and also delight in every remarkable bite.

Obtain the Dish: Half Baked Harvest

Turkey Sandwich with Cranberry, Brie, and also Prosciutto

A sandwich cut in half with one stacked on the other, on a white plate.

Eat Yourself Skinny

Below’s one more great sandwich full of layers of expensive active ingredients. Certain, there’s remaining turkey and also cranberry sauce therein, however the prosciutto and also Brie, together with some fresh arugula, truly make every bite ideal.

It’s very easy and also can be tossed on the grill, in a panini press, or consumed cool. Attempt this with your favored remaining veggie side or by itself.

Obtain the Dish: Eat Yourself Skinny

Sliders with Cranberry Sriracha

Two small turkey sliders on a blue plate.

Food Fanatic

These sliders are to need, and also each tacky, hot bite will certainly maintain you returning for even more. The writer states these make the ideal game-day appetiser for a family-fun football video game.

They’re so fast and also very easy to create, as well! You can make lots for everybody with really little initiative. The sriracha sauce is blended with cranberry sauce for the ideal wonderful and also hot mix.

As if that really did not appear tasty sufficient, you additionally produce a butter sauce blended with poppy seeds, diced onion, Dijon mustard, and also Worcestershire. All you need to do is put the butter sauce right over the sliders prior to putting it in the stove. Speak about tasty!

Obtain the Dish: Food Fanatic

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Score Great Games for Cheap with These Black Friday Deals – LifeSavvy




Board games on a table top.
Fallback Games/Ravensburger/Catan Studios

The vacations are a blast to play parlor game to load time with family members as well as Black Friday is a blast to rack up a number of them for sale. Below’s a heap of seriously well-known titles for you to grab.

While there are a bajillion as well as one parlor game around, we have actually handpicked all the access listed below with a straightforward emphasis: deep price cuts as well as outstanding worth in regards to video game top quality as well as replayability.

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